Cool open smart TV how to install third-party applications?

Cool open smart TV how to install third-party applications? Installing application software for smart TV products is one of the essential features, but for some reason there is still no way to install your favorite applications. Xiao Bian brings the easiest way to coolly open TV to install third-party applications, helping users to install Chinese and Italian applications as they wish.

Prepare raw materials:

Skyworth or CoolTV with networked one, remote control, U disk.


The first step: Turn on the TV and go to My Apps.

Step 2: After entering "My Apps", select "Search" in the top right corner of the TV screen.

Step 3: Enter “XBW” in the input box. At this time, you can see a recommended application—“White File Manager” appears on the right side.

Step 4: Select "White Paper Manager" and click "Download" > "Install".

Step 5: After the installation is successful, select "Open" white file manager.

Step 6: Download a favorite application on your computer and put it on your USB flash drive. U disk is best a bit older, the format is FAT32 format.

Step 7: Insert the USB flash drive into the USB port on the back of the TV.

Step 8: When the whiteboard detects the U disk, it can be opened directly.

Step 9: Select the application and click "Install" to be successful. At this point you can try to open the application to see if it can run normally.

How is it? Is it easy? When you want to use the White File Manager next time, you can open it in My Apps.

With a white file manager, installing applications on a smart TV is no longer a dream. In addition to this feature, Xiaobai file manager has other fun features, quickly download a white file manager to try it!


1. The TV must be connected to the Internet to download applications.

2, U disk is best to choose a little old, and the format should be FAT32. If you do not know the format of your U disk, you can plug the U disk into your computer and right-click to view the format. No, it can be formatted to FAT32 format.

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