Design of Embedded Controller Based on CORBA Technology

The heavy mining industry is a typical equipment manufacturing industry. Its production equipment composition is relatively scattered, and the equipment on-site environment is relatively harsh and difficult to control. The traditional industrial controller only monitors the eq ---MORE---

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The architectural principle of the new generation audio…

This article describes the architecture of Wolfson Microelectronics' latest generation audio digital-to-analog converter (DAC), focusing on the design of new device families that provide high-voltage line driver output in consumer electronics applications. Fundamental In ---MORE---

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Using a waste circuit board to make an ultra-low-cost a…

Using TDA1013B integrated blocks and used circuit boards and disassembled parts, an ultra-low-cost audio system was produced. TDA1013B is commonly used in large-screen color TV sound system. It has a DC volume control circuit that changes according to a logarithmic curve. The ---MORE---

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Application of CRM in Cloud Computing

The emergence of CRM has changed the previous situation of scattered customer data and complicated and cumbersome customer management. It has also allowed enterprises to unify customer data, product information, and employee data. Since the 1990s, the CRM business philosophy a ---MORE---

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Interconnect integrity and heat dissipation of high-spe…

As interconnect speeds exceed 10Gbps, engineers and designers are struggling to solve how to maintain signal integrity while maintaining a reasonable thermal management budget. Due to the excessive heat dissipated by the system, how to keep the system below a reasonable level ---MORE---

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NXP, STMicroelectronics, International Rectifier, Infin…

Electronic components such as ICs are being increasingly used in automotive electronics technology, and have attracted wide attention from industry insiders. Today, the automotive electronics industry has become a hotspot for international semiconductor manufacturers. NXP, STM ---MORE---

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Thunderbolt or PC comes standard with next-generation f…

With the increasing demand of users for high-definition video and big data transmission, the high-speed connection technology between different computing devices is quietly changing and moving towards a new development direction. The “Thunderbolt” lightning interfa ---MORE---

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