Chenhui Lighting once again won the bid for national high-efficiency lighting products

Recently, the second batch of national high-efficiency lighting product promotion projects jointly held by the Ministry of Finance and the National Development and Reform Commission in 2009 have been publicized on the website of China Government Procurement Network. Chenhui Lighting (Chenhui Guangbao) succeeded again after 2008. The bid for this national-level major bidding project has continued to become the designated brand for national efficient lighting products promotion and has become the focus of the Chinese lighting industry.

This tender has a total of three categories of self-ballasted fluorescent lamps, three-color dual-end fluorescent lamps and high-pressure sodium lamps for general lighting. Chenhui Lighting participated in the bidding for two major categories of self-ballasted fluorescent lamps and three-color dual-end fluorescent lamps for general lighting. Both successfully won the bid.

In 2009, the central government will increase the promotion of high-efficiency lighting products, initially determining the scale of promotion to 100 million, which is doubled compared with 2008, and can directly drive consumption by more than 1 billion yuan. It is precisely because of this that the tender for the project has caused a new round of competition for well-known enterprises at home and abroad. Chenhui Lighting once again won the bid for high-efficiency lighting product promotion project and became a highlight of this competition. The successful bidding of this award is the best embodiment and evidence of Chenhui Lighting's strength, product quality, brand appeal and market potential.

The continued implementation of the national high-efficiency lighting product promotion project in 2009 fully demonstrates the determination of the Chinese government to do energy conservation and emission reduction and promote sustainable development. It will further promote the popularization of green energy-saving lighting in China and effectively promote the realization of energy-saving emission reduction targets. At the same time, it also reflects the government's consumption orientation of high-quality energy-saving lighting products, which will have a decisive impact on the future of the lighting industry, which is conducive to the formation of an orderly competitive environment for lighting products in China, which is conducive to the development of high-quality lighting enterprises, thus changing the energy-saving lighting in China. The industrial structure will further promote the process of energy saving and emission reduction in the entire lighting industry.

Gan Caiying, the president of Chenhui Lighting, said in an interview: This time it has won the bid for the national high-efficiency lighting product promotion project. It is a great honor for Chenhui. It is the crystallization of wisdom and hard work of Chenhui. It is the affirmation of society and the industry. congratulations. This will once again write a strong stroke in the development of Chenhui, which will further consolidate the market position of Chenhui Lighting in the lighting industry; at the same time, it also gives us more and greater social responsibility.

Zhao Guosong, chairman of Chenhui Lighting, also admitted that this time, winning the bid again is a new beginning for us! It is a kind of commitment and a responsibility. In the face of honor, we must guard against arrogance and arrogance; in the face of responsibility, we must dare to bear. Zhao Dong also pointed out that Chenhui Lighting has stood at the height of the country and the social industry to see the honor and responsibility given by this re-winning bid. As the successful bidder and executive promotion enterprise of the national high-efficiency lighting product promotion project, the company has made every effort to prepare for the R&D, manufacturing and brand management of energy-saving, health and environmental protection lighting products, and shoulder the responsibility of national efficient lighting promotion. Promote the healthy development of China's lighting industry and assume greater responsibility for China's energy conservation and emission reduction.

It is reported that in the promotion of the first batch of 50 million high-efficiency lighting products in 2008, Chenhui Lighting, which has won the National Energy Conservation Contribution Award twice, has undertaken 6.9 million promotion in 9 provinces across the country with its leading edge in product quality and energy conservation and environmental protection. The task of high-efficiency energy-saving lighting products has exceeded 15% and become the main force in China's lighting energy-saving projects. In addition, Chenhui Lighting has repeatedly won bids in national bidding projects, including state-level lighting renovation projects such as central state organs and central government agencies, as well as Olympic projects such as the Olympic National Convention Center and the Beijing Olympic Fire Command Center. It was rated as a quality supplier of Olympic engineering, and also won the bid in the 11th National Games competition venues and supporting facilities lighting procurement projects and the Guangzhou Asian Games venue lighting and indoor lighting projects. Repeatedly won the bid for the national bidding project, which fully proved the excellent product performance and strong technical strength of the national independent innovation brand enterprise represented by Chenhui Lighting.

In the past 15 years, Chenhui Lighting has been insisting on the research and development and brand management of energy-saving, environmental protection and healthy fluorescent lighting products. It is based on constant technological innovation, focusing on the research and development and brand marketing of green and healthy fluorescent lighting products and special light source products, actively participating in the national energy conservation and emission reduction projects and green lighting projects, and developing them from the original small factory of more than 20 people. It has three R&D and manufacturing bases, covers an area of ​​105,000 square meters, and has a plant area of ​​125,000 square meters. It has 15 international advanced automatic production lines, with an annual output of 150 million light sources, 30 million energy-saving lamps and 20 million sets of professional fluorescent lighting brands. Enterprise, marketing network covers more than 120 countries and regions around the world.

Industry experts said that the implementation of various government subsidy policies will undoubtedly promote the development of the energy-saving lighting industry, and bring new hope and confidence to lighting companies. However, the financial crisis is also a process of big waves. Only ethnic independent innovation companies like Chenhui can better out of the economic downturn by virtue of their own strength, and drive the whole industry to develop in the direction of energy conservation, environmental protection and health.

2009 national efficient lighting products promotion 100 million


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