1. High surface finishing
2. Precision in dimension control:±0.005mm
3. Full Inspection
4. Short Lead Time

PTFE Performance:

Teflon® is renowned for its temperature resistance and slick, non-stick qualities. As an industrial material, Teflon® has exceptional chemical resistance, high and low temperature durability, low coefficient of friction and superb insulating qualities. It lacks toughness for abrasive applications, however, and is not readily fastened together using adhesives unless the surface is ôetched" to accept the bonding agent. Teflon's® properties can be improved with the addition of fillers such as glass fiber and carbon.

Yiyong is a international manufacturer of customized  PTFE products,the production process as following :

Some of our products:

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Our raw material including: PTFE PEEK TPX PEI(Ultem) PET-P PA66 PA6 PCTFE PPS PPO POM PFA PVDF PAI PI(VESPEL SP-1). Etc

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