How trendy is Auntie? Surrounded by cool open smart TV jump square dance BMW car to generate electricity

When the aunt meets the square dance, an incredible sense of harmony arises. The square dance aunt, as a unique group with unique identity in China, is characterized by wealth and leisure, mastering the power of the family, and even evoking a “square dance and aunt economy”. The aunt enjoys dancing while enjoying the square dance. Customer benefits. The square dance aunt is really a group of people who bring their own bgm and topics. Since the birth of the square dance aunt, there will be news about Square Dance Aunt. Now Xiao Bian gives you a short square dance aunt. The news inventory allows everyone to feel the charm or power of their aunts.

Trendy Aunt moves TV to dance square dance

According to Hangzhou netizen broke the news, a few days ago, a group of trendy aunts in a community in Hangzhou hopped a square dance around a cool open A2 smart TV. The TV relied on the nearby BMW to generate electricity while using the mobile phone to achieve TV wireless Internet access. Aunt Feng, who led the team, said that the lack of lead dancers in the team, but now anxious to rehearse for the Dragon Boat Festival, the time is very tight, and finally found that learning to follow the online video while learning to jump is an excellent way, so Move the TV out, the sound is good. Although some netizens had some sour comments on the practice of Hangzhou's trendy mother and did not understand it, Xiaobian believed that the aunts could use science and technology to make the square dance better and they could indulge in the rhythm and sway. Affecting others is beneficial and there is nothing to be questioned.

Beijing Tiantan Park is forbidden to enter the park with big speakers. The Square Dance Aunt is anxious

The most heated topic of the square dance was the noise of the square dance, and the scope of the “occupation” of the square dance aunt gradually spread, and it was sometimes difficult to avoid disturbing the surrounding residents. This is not. Last week, Tiantan Park implemented sub-regional noise reduction. The park began to prohibit large speakers from entering the park, and the core cultural and security district must not carry out any recreational activities unrelated to sightseeing. As soon as the news came out, the citizens who had originally danced square dances with big speakers near the East Gate and South Gate began to be anxious and had to start to withdraw from the area and find new venues for dancing. On May 26, a reporter learned from the management of the park that he had stopped several large audio equipment from entering the park. The north gate stopped 13 and the south gate and Simon stopped each big speaker from entering the park. The “noise reduction” measures of Beijing’s Temple of Heaven are implemented in a reasonable manner. Although the aunts may have some minor emotions, they should also cooperate with maintaining the historical and cultural atmosphere of the Temple of Heaven.

Two groups of Shaoxing square dance aunt “Pleasant” volume influences candidates

In the first two weeks of Friday night, the parents of the college entrance examination students at Longzhou Garden, Shaoshan Street, Yuecheng District, Shaoxing City, found that the dancing of the square downstairs was particularly loud this evening, which seriously affected the children’s learning at home and they went downstairs to negotiate. It turned out that there was just a little rain that day. A team that had originally danced a square dance in another place moved to the garden stage. There was originally another square dancing team under the stage, and the speakers were placed on the stage. The two groups heard each other's voice. Disturbance, so that "vicious" more and more open, eventually affecting the residents, the two sides agreed to close down after the exchange, and promised to stop a few days during the college entrance examination. Different square dance aunt teams hit each other with a spark every minute, and the dance skills are smaller than the fight. It is really bad for the residents to be louder than the result of the sound. The aunt was so harmonious when she danced the square dance, and she also hoped that each aunt's team who danced in the square dance would also be able to live in peace with each other having their own noisy swing.

Although the square dance aunt sometimes attracts criticisms about noise and contradictions, we also often see square dance aunts that are positively positive. For example, Auntie actively cooperates with noise reduction to make way for college entrance examinations. Aunts are also getting more and more trendy, followed by the pace of science and technology, just like Hangzhou's TV Square Dance Aunts. In any case, as long as the square dance does not affect the people around, and the aunts are happy, it can be a beautiful landscape.

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