Meizu EP51 headphones are very hot, not to be missed again!

Meizu EP51 Bluetooth Sports Headphones is the first earphone launched by Meizu this year. It was sold out in Meizu official website and Jingdong Mall double platform within 1 hour of the sale on April 11. Meizu's accessories thank you for sending out the headset lottery, which caused a high forwarding, showing the popularity of Meizu EP51 Bluetooth sports headphones. Those who haven’t grabbed don’t have to worry, they will sell again at 10 am on April 13th, just for those who love music and love sports.


As early as April 6th, the Meizu launch conference opened the pre-sale night, and many people have made appointments. Even so, the one-hour sale is unexpectedly fast. There is a charm friend in the accessories Jun Weibo replies that "the headset said no." But it doesn't matter, the opportunity to snap up is coming again! After re-adjusting the volume, this morning (April 13) 10:10 Meizu EP51 headphones re-sold, the small partners who have not grabbed this time can be hurry up, and netizens who love music and sports should not miss it.

As a sports earphone, it adopts black and red which is called "the classic color of the sports world". A stylish sense of movement. Let people want to exercise at a glance. The ultra-lightweight EP51 Bluetooth sports headphones, with a single-sided earphone quality of only 7 grams, reduce the burden on the ears while enhancing the wearing experience, making the movement more flexible and swift.


The Meizu EP51 Bluetooth sports headset uses the CSR Bluetooth solution with an Apt-X sound quality experience. The Apt-X digitally compressed audio algorithm delivers virtually lossless wireless sound and is therefore the best solution in the industry today. The EP51's Bluetooth solution delivers a stable Bluetooth connection and lossless sound quality, while ensuring call quality and ease of operation.


The earphones have a magnetic anti-slip design. The headphones on both sides can be attracted together to prevent loss and easy to wear. It also uses a nano-waterproof and sweat-proof coating and a special waterproof mechanism. The wire is a high-strength Kevlar material of the same level as the parachute, and Four different sizes of earplugs are included.


The sound quality of Meizu EP51 headphones is also worth mentioning. The official said that it is equipped with high-fidelity micro-speakers, speaker diameter 8.6mm, maximum power 10mW, frequency response range 20~20000Hz, sensitivity 88±3dB, with unique sound cavity design and DSP digital Signal processing technology makes the low frequency full, the intermediate frequency clear, and the high frequency wide.


At the same time, the music playback time of EP51 Bluetooth sports headphones is up to 6 hours, and it can stand for 15 days. The charging speed is also very fast, and it can be fully filled in 1.5~2 hours. Easily meet long-term sports and even daily commute needs. The stylish appearance, excellent sound quality, perfect Bluetooth solution and comfortable wearing and intimate detail design undoubtedly show that the Meizu EP51 earphone is the best sports companion. On April 13th, Meizu official website and Jingdong dual platform were re-sold, and friends who liked it must seize the opportunity.

Purchase link:
Meizu official website
Jingdong Mall

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