SPD Surge Protection Device AC Electronical Lightning Protection Device

Model NO.: SUP1
Shape: Cuboid
Material: Ceramic
Certification: ROHS, ISO9001, CCC, CE
Brand: Suntree/OEM
DC: 1000V 500V
AC: 275V 320V 385V 420V
Ka: 5ka-100ka
Certificate: CE
Protection Class: IP40
Operating Temperature: 5°c - +50°c
Poles: 1p 2p 3p 4p
Max Working Volt: 250V AC/30V DC
Hard Wire: 4-25
Flexible Wire: 4-16
Trademark: SUNTREE/oem
Specification: CE
Origin: Zhejiang China
HS Code: 853540000
SPD Surge Protection device AC Electronical Lightning Protection Device

Intensity of Remote Signalling Alarm Contact
Failure indication and centralized remote signalling alarm dry contacts;
High discharge capacity and low residual voltage;
Over-temperature protection;
IP20, UL94 V0

Model Number SUP1
SPD according IEC 61643-1 Class II
SPD according EN 61643-11 Type 2
Operating Temperature Range -40ºC~+80ºC
Relative Humidity ≤95%(25ºC)
Atmospheric Pressure 86~106kPa
Working Frequency 50/60Hz
Rated Working Voltage Uo 230V/400V~
Max Continuous Operating Voltage Uc(L-N) 275V/320V/385V/420V ~
Mode of protection L-N/N-PE
Nominal Discharge Current In(8/20μs)(L-N) 20kA
Max Discharge Current Imax (8/20μs) (L-N) 40kA
Voltage Protection Level Up(L-N) ≤1.2kV
Max. mains-side Overcurrent Protection 80A(gL/gG)
Cross sectional area for wiring terminal connected to conductor Stranded:4~25mm²
Solid Wire: 4~35mm²
Max. Cross-sectional Area For Remote Signaling Interface 1.5mm²
Torque: wiring terminal/remote signaling interface 2.5Nm
Enclosure material PBTV-0
Degree of protection(IP code) IP20
Mounting DIN35mm rails

Solar DC SPD
The SUP series Surge Protection are designed to protect against lightning surge voltages in photovoltaic power supply networks.

These units must be installed in parallel on the DC networks to be protected and provide common and differential modes protection. The SUP series is available for the main operating voltages in photovoltaic: 1000 Vdc.

The use of SUP series Surge Protection is recommended at both ends of the DC power supply line (solar panel side and inverter/converter side),

Especially if the line routing is external and long. The electrical diagram of the SUN-S40 series is based on high energy PV equipped with specific thermal disconnectors and related failure indicators.

The SUP series is made with plug-in modules to allow a fast and easy maintenance in case of failure (disconnection from the DC network).

SUP2-PV series surge protector SUP4-PV
PV DC specific (LEC 6614-1/EN 61643-11)
Pole 2 pole 3 pole
Electrical Parameter
Classifical test II II
Uoc max (V DC) 500 900
Uc (V DC) 500 1000
In(8/20)us (KA) 20 20
Imax(8/20)us (KA) 40 40
Up (KV) 2.0 3.8
Remote control and indication
Indication window
Plug-in module
Remote signal contact
Remote signal contact Max working volt 250V AC/30V DC 250V AC/30V DC
Max working amp 1A (250V/AC) 1A (250V/AC) 1A (250V/AC)
1A (30V DC) 1A (30V DC) 1A (30V DC)
Wiring & installation
Wiring capacity(mm2) Hard wire 4-25 4-25

Flexible wire 4-16 4-16
Stripping length 10 10
Terminal screwa M5 M5
Torque(Nm) Main ciruit 3.5 3.5
Remote signal contact 0.25 0.25
Protection class All profile IP40 IP40
Connection port IP20 IP20
Installation environment No obvious shock and vibration
Altitude(m) ≤ 2000 ≤ 2000
Working temperature -3.0--+70 -3.0--+70
Relative humidity 30%-90% 30%-90%
How to install Install with H35-7.5/DIN35 stell mounting rail
Size(mm) (W*H*L) W 36 54
H 90 90
L 67.6 67.6
Weight (KG) 0.25 0.38

Nominal PV system volt 600V 100V 1200V
MCOV(UCPV) 700V DC 1170V DC 1200V DC
Max system discharge Current (8/20us) (Imax) 40KA 40KA 30KA
Volt protection leve (UP) ≤ 2.5KV ≤ 4.0KV ≤ 4.5KV
Volt protection Level at 5KA (UP) ≤ 2.0KV ≤ 3.5KV ≤ 4.0KV
Integrate fuse breaking capacity/interrupting rating 30KA/1000V DC 30KA/1000V DC 30KA/1200V DC
Technology Short-circuit interruption (SCI) overcurrent protection
Operating temperature range -40 to +80
Nominal discharge current 12.5KA
Response time (ta) <25ns
Operating state/fault indication Green (good) / Red (replace)
Mounting 35mm DIN Rail per EN 60715
Degree protection IP20
capacity 3 modules DIN 43880


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