Factors affecting consumers' purchase of lamps

Data: 68%

The most popular buying light channel - building materials, lighting supermarket

When decorating big things, the owners often gather enough patience and wisdom to decorate their small home into an ideal land. With the improvement of living standards and the mature alumni of consumer awareness, consumers' requirements for lamps no longer only stay on the level of illumination, but also eager for more decorative factors. According to the survey, consumers are still the most aware of the building materials market and lighting supermarkets, accounting for 68% of the surveys. But the channel is never static. 15% of consumers in the survey chose a specialty store and online purchase. Buying lamps online, which was previously unheard of.

After the financial crisis, more and more companies have paid attention to e-commerce. B2B, B2C, various modes arise. The trend of channel change may not be a one-way alternative to another, but a new state of diversification and complement each other.

Data: 57%

The most influential factor in buying behavior - price

The price of lamps has become the most important factor for 57% of consumers to decide to purchase. In economic theory, price as the only factor regulating the balance between supply and demand is the most important factor in the purchase decision of any product. In addition, 31% of consumers choose brands as the primary factor in determining purchase behavior. In recent years, with the continuous development of leading companies in the industry, the trend of industry brands to excessive branding has become more and more clear. We must know that although consumers have rational price demands, they also have irrational emotional appeals. Therefore, Mr. Zhu Zuhuan, Director of Opto Lighting Marketing, said: Brand is a combination of rational value and perceptual value.

Data: 52%

The most popular purchase time - holiday promotion

In our lives, holidays seem to imply the overwhelming promotion of major businesses, so that consumers have developed the habit of buying large piles and waiting for holidays. The same is true for lighting purchases: 52% of consumers choose to purchase luminaires during holiday promotions. At every holiday node, the promotion of the lighting merchants will not be inferior to any other products. Industry insiders often cautioned that promotions cannot evolve into price wars. This is also worthy of the attention of the entire industry.

Data: 52%

The most popular brand information channel - the network

After the 1980s, the Internet generation gradually became the main consumer, and the rapid development of online media... Numerous factors indicate that the Internet is not only becoming a medium that affects people's lifestyles, but also changes market behaviors such as promotion and sales throughout the manufacturing industry. 52% of consumers said that they obtained the brand information of the lamps through the network, which is enough to explain the problem. The rapid growth of online shopping also provides a new possibility for the entire industry's sales channels.

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