TSMC's participation is expected to increase Taiwan's LED industry standards

TSMC entered the LED industry, and market participants couldn't help but ask, with TSMC's foundry up to 45-50% of gross profit, compared with only 20% of gross profit LED and solar energy, why choose to cross the relatively low-margin LED industry? In this regard, Zhang Zhongmou, chairman of TSMC, refuted the market view with the fact that TSMC is not only a small profit. Zhang Zhongmou said that it is not fashionable to cross the LED and solar energy, but there are high-margin business opportunities.

TSMC's LED lighting technology research and development and mass production plant officially started, proclaiming TSMC officially stepping into the LED industry to divide the pie. Entering the LED industry and focusing on a new generation of solid-state lighting will replace traditional lighting with the demand for energy saving and carbon reduction. Experts pointed out that in the future when the LED lighting era is officially coming, the demand for LED will be 50 times of the current LED production capacity, 150 times that of mobile phone applications. However, the current product yields that meet the LED lighting standards are only three to four percent. The addition of TSMC is expected to raise the level and status of Taiwan's LED industry.

TSMC has been focusing on the field of twin crystal for a long time, and the layout of the LED industry will also start from this. The preliminary plan of TSMC will be cut from the rear of the LED, from light source processing, electric drive to thermal module, etc., all integrated on the silicon wafer. According to TSMC, the wafer substrate has a comparative advantage in standardization mass production, and the heat dissipation efficiency is three times that of the ceramic substrate. In addition, it has the advantages of high accuracy and high reliability.

In addition, TSMC is also different from traditional modules and packages. It is manufactured in a semiconductor process. It does not require mold opening and the line width control is accurate. A large number of standardized production can be carried out, and the cost is naturally greatly reduced. In addition, the luminous efficiency is improved and the life is extended. The cost is even cheaper than existing light sources, and the competitiveness of LED lighting will naturally expand indefinitely. Based on patented semiconductor processes and microelectromechanical precision fabrication technology, TSMC uses silicon wafers as packaging substrates to integrate light, electricity and heat treatment components, in addition to smaller size, lighter weight and less stress problems. In addition, the heat dissipation performance is also faster, thus greatly improving the luminous efficiency.

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Application: flow meter measurement 

There are many kinds of USF used in closed pipeline according to the measuring principle, and the most commonly used are propagation time method and Doppler method. Among them, time difference ultrasonic flowmeter is used to measure fluid flow by the principle that the time difference of sound wave propagating downstream and countercurrent is proportional to the velocity of fluid flow. It is widely used in raw water measurement of rivers, rivers and reservoirs, process flow detection of petrochemical products, water consumption measurement of production process and other fields. According to practical application, time-difference ultrasonic flowmeter can be divided into portable time-difference ultrasonic flowmeter, fixed time-difference ultrasonic flowmeter and time-difference gas ultrasonic flowmeter.

Ultrasonic flow-meters use at least two transducers aligned so that ultrasonic pulses travel across the flow of liquid or gas in a pipe at a known angle to the flow. 

Technical data:

Electromechanical coupling coefficient Kp: > 0.62    

Dielectric Loss tg δ: <2%

Nominal Piezo discs for ultrasonic flowmeter: 

OD14.2*1MHz           PZT-51

OD14.6*1MHz           PZT-51

OD15*1MHz              PSnN-5

OD15*2MHz              PSnN-5

OD20*1MHz              PSnN-5 

OD20*2MHz             PSnN-5

OD15*1MHz              PZT-51 

OD15*2MHz              PZT-51

OD20*1MHz              PZT-51 

OD20*2MHz              PZT-51

Size,  Frequency and Electrode on request. 

20x2img 2019

28x1img 2040

Piezoelectric Discs For Flowmeter Sensor

Piezoelectric Ceramic Disc,Piezoelectric Discs For Flowmeter Sensor

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