Yangzhou: “Green” lighting at Wenchang Road, Shili

On May 12th, good news came from the renovation of the LED street light of Wenchang Road: the renovation of the LED streetlights from the Jiefangqiao to Shawan section of Wenchang Road was completed. At this point, the west to the railway station, east to Shawan Road, Shili Wenchang Road, a total of nearly 2000 LED street lights, the entire road to achieve LED street lighting. It is reported that this year, the city will also replace 20,000 LED lights to further "illuminate" the green city.

Last year, “4·18”, the city launched the “Ten Cities and Ten Thousands” semiconductor lighting application demonstration project, and began to implement large-scale LED street lighting renovation. It has newly installed LED street lights on Matthew Road, Xinxing Road and Huayuan Road, around Wenchangge. And the implementation of street lighting renovation in Wenchang Middle Road and West Road, the total number of LED street lights newly built and renovated in the city last year reached more than 2,000.

This year, the city continued to increase the renovation of LED street lights. In addition to installing LED street lights on some new roads, this year, LED street lights were rebuilt on Wenchang Road and South Station Road. The next step will be to Yancheng Road, Wenhe Road, etc. More than 40 roads have been retrofitted with LED street lights. In addition, the city will also replace some lawn lights and pavilions with LED lights. By the end of this year, the total number of LED lights will be 20,000.

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