Appreciate a variety of giant power amplifiers

The word "Monster" has both positive and negative meanings. It can be described as a behemoth, but it can also be said to be a very challenging thing. In Hi-Fi equipment, sometimes too large equipment may seem to be unsuitable for home use, but this equipment means a love and challenge to the audio for manufacturers or users. . ?
In the early 1990s, high-power amplifiers were very popular overseas, and then they were quiet for a while. In recent years, high-power amplifiers have gradually returned to their former glory. The author has long been interested in this issue for what sound these giant equipments made by these famous factories will make. The charm of the Big Mac power amplifier is that its sound or momentum is very amazing. In addition to high power, high-quality amplifiers must also have good linearity, so that current can pass under low-impedance loads. However, mediocre designs often fail to ensure low-level linearity and high signal-to-noise ratio at ultra-high power, making "high power" meaningless. ?

The background of the birth of this ultra-high power amplifier was in the second half of the 1970s, when the United States aluminum ribbon or electrostatic speakers had established a position in the Hi-End audio industry, but compared with the general electric speakers, their sensitivity And the impedance is low, those ordinary amplifiers are no longer able to drive the new speakers, so the emergence of the Big Mac adapts to the requirements of the times. ?

An excellent Big Mac amplifier can not only be used to cope with low impedance, but also its low-level linearity is better. No matter it is used to drive any speaker, it can be driven stably under normal circumstances, and the sound has a suitable sense of weight. When it is used to drive high-sensitivity speakers, it can also produce a smooth sound. This kind of power amplifier can make the current fully circulate even in the case of low impedance operation, but because of the large number of output tubes connected in parallel, the error of the component tends to make the sound soft or rough. ?

This level of amplifier is obviously not the object purchased by audio beginners. The output of this premium amplifier is very small, and the competition is obviously less than the popular and intermediate products. The customer base of high-level products has always been relatively stable. Users must have a certain understanding and understanding of them before buying them. Randomness is very small. They are mainly the objects of some wealthy and experienced players who have used various amplifiers to replace equipment. In early September of this year, during my trip to Hong Kong, the author visited several audio dealers with friends and listened to a variety of Hi-End equipment, including many large power amplifiers. Everyone introduces the cutting-edge products of these amplifiers. The common features of the products listed here are their ability to cope with the high power output of low-impedance speakers. In addition, most of these models are mono design, from the point of view of their size or power consumption, they are difficult to play their true value in the listening room of ordinary families. However, they have their own characteristics in terms of sound, structural design or circuit, forming a unique landscape. Therefore, the author mainly introduces some of their design and sound characteristics in this article for the reference of enthusiasts and some manufacturers. ?

1. Moderate and powerful bile duct amplifier VTL MB750 Signature?

VTLMB750 Signature is priced at about 170,000 Hong Kong dollars. Its output per channel is 750W (quadrupole connection) and 300W (triode connection). The final stage uses 6550C bile ducts, and the promotion level is 12AT7 × 1, 6350 × 2. The power supply of this machine is separate from the main body, and the weight of each channel is 57kg. ?

VTL is a well-known American manufacturer of amps, and VTL MB750 Signature is its top product. This machine outputs 12 6550C power tubes at the end of each channel, and can output 750W under the connection of the four-stage tube, and has an amazing output power of 300W under the connection of the three-stage tube. It can be said to be a model of the same level. One of the two bile duct amplifiers I listened to on this trip. This machine adopts a very unique two-layer structure, which divides the power supply part and the audio circuit part into two. The upper part is the amplifier circuit and the lower part is the power supply part. When the power output is maximum, its power consumption is 1.3kW, and the efficiency is still quite high. ?

Because the output power is quite large, the sound it emits is quite amazing. The full frequency domain shows a very natural sense of unity, which is very different from other power amplifiers. It shows an excellent texture when playing orchestral music, and the sound is thick and rich, and the softness of the wind instrument is excellent, but the sensitivity of the keys of the piano is slightly insufficient. However, whether it is the level of music or the elastic reverb in the sound Very rare texture. When playing string music, the sound looks very smooth, the level is clear and delicate, the sound expands slightly to the outside, surrounds the listener, the piano sound is very vivid, and the replay of the human voice is smooth and smooth, and does not make people feel pressure. However, if the contour lines of each instrument can be clearer, it is more perfect. ?

The appearance of the machine looks very masculine and powerful, but the sound quality is beyond imagination, and the performance is very peaceful and perfect. Its sound is softer and softer when the tertiary tube is connected, and more powerful when the quaternary tube is connected. On the whole, its sound is moderate and natural and warm, with excellent dynamic performance, the sound texture is even better, and there is plenty of energy in the gentle sound. Using it to drive speakers of various efficiencies all seems to be unhurried and deeply charismatic. ?

2. The clear and simple modern masterpiece Mark Levinson NO.33H?

The price of Mark Levinson NO.33H is about 240,000 Hong Kong dollars. Its output is 150W (8Ω), 300W (4Ω), 600W (2Ω). The size and weight of this machine are 279mm × 470mm × 581mm and 80kg, respectively. ?

An important feature of the modern giant power amplifier is that it can exert a great driving force at low impedance. Although the output of this unit is a 150W (8Ω) specification, it can reach 600W at 2Ω and can be driven even at a load of 1Ω. Its soaring body is not inferior to the top model NO.33L (in fact, it is a modified version of NO.33L). The characteristic of NO.33H is that it is driven by AC power except for the output stage. It consumes up to 4.4kW of power in mono when the power is fully output. After disassembling the bottom plate, you will see the base board of the power supply. The power transformer is placed on top of it. From this, you can see the input and voltage amplification stages. The circuit uses a balanced amplification structure. The output stage is 20 pairs of bridged parallel power tubes. It is recommended to match No. 380SL. ?

The appearance of No.33H is reminiscent of modern buildings. It is placed next to Epilogue 1 & 2 and is very spectacular. At the same time, the sound produced by the combination of these two is also one of the most beautiful sound combinations I have heard in recent years. The performance of the full frequency is very balanced, there is no loose feeling, the whole wins with a clear description, and the sense of modernity is extremely strong. . ?

Because NO.33H takes into account the strong driving force and unmatched sound purity, it can easily create a modern sound, and its sound also has a moderately gorgeous and color. The replayed piano sounds are like jewels shining with light, the extension of the after rhyme is very beautiful, pure and elegant, it makes people feel the atmosphere of heaven, and the movement of the sound makes people feel the pulse of life. Its audio and video have a very strong sense of realism, which makes people feel the authenticity of the size of the instrument. The listener will naturally be moved by the music. If it is just a general power amplifier, it can never reach this level, and it can never arouse the author. Such feelings. ?

In fact, its nominal power is not enough to be listed in the forest of giant power amplifiers, but its driving force is excellent, and it can easily drive various speakers. In addition, although its power is strong, it is not a model that wins with only strength. It can show the light and dark or delicate and subtle changes of the sound level. The sound image is transparent and clear. The excellent descriptive power also reveals the natural and rustic texture. There is no slight stiffness. Even the floating air can be properly conveyed. This clever sound quality that makes people feel the beauty of modern audio makes it a standard and reference for modern power amplifiers. ?

3. Posslab Oratories X1000 with abundant potential and deep dynamic?
The price of Passlab Oratories X1000 is about 250,000 Hong Kong dollars, its output per channel is 1000W (8Ω), the size and weight of the whole machine are 483mm × 267mm × 711mm and 113kg respectively. ?

Passlab owner and designer Nelson Pass is the person who takes amplifier design as a mission. Pass Laboratories, which has been developing single-ended amplifier circuits in the past, has also recently adopted fully balanced circuits. In fact, this X1000 with super symmetrical method is the result of Nelson Pass's realization of the original Topology. ?

The input of this machine adopts the balanced circuit that Pass Laboratories calls "super symmetrical". In fact, the amplification circuit of this machine itself is very simple, driven by two-stage amplification. The transistors it uses are all MOSFETs, and there are as many as 80 output power tubes, which are connected by 20 pairs of parallel bridges for mono output. The signal connection of this machine is connected with thick wiring or thick board, and the output terminals are directly connected with thick wires from the output element, thereby reducing the loss of power. It can be seen that the X1000 is completely designed with large current amplification. The panel design of this machine is very unique. The middle round table is used to indicate the bias current. The X1000 is pure Class A when the output is within 120W. At this time, the hands are not moving. ?

When I first listened to this machine, I felt that its sound has a dynamic jump, and the sense of weight of the sound is extraordinary. This clear listening experience makes people cannot help listening. This power amplifier that outputs 1000W at an 8Ω load makes people feel that they have finally encountered a long-lost American high-power amplifier. Its potential, margin, and stability are completely different from other products introduced in this article. ?

The first is that its low-frequency strength is very rare, and it makes people feel strange at the beginning. With the fierce reproduction of the electronic piano sound, the listening sense is very exciting. Another characteristic of it is the sense of speed and expansiveness. It seems that the sound field depicted by the speaker suddenly expands. ?

In terms of sound quality, its timbre is very gorgeous and very attractive. From the piano solo, you can feel the changes of the instrument. The performance of the orchestral music is like a relief. The deep stereo sound is very realistic, and the weight of the sound is very different. Even the jazz music shows a rich sound It was very enjoyable. Its sound is not stagnant and slow, and it can drive the speaker to produce a melodious sound, vividly showing the dynamic of performance. The X1000 is characterized by its vigorous vitality, clear music outline and clear playback method. In addition, its sound separation is excellent, and the sense of living in the performance can also be vividly presented. This sound is really refreshing in the author's listening experience, which is particularly impressive. ?

4. Elegant and fresh Cello Performanceâ…¡?

The price of Cello PerformanceⅡ is about HK $ 270,000, and its output per channel is 200W (8Ω), its size and weight are 445mm × 215mm × 470mm and 20.4kg (main part), 26.3kg (power part), The output of this machine when bridged is 800W (8Ω). ?

Cello's products are all long-life models, the prototype of this machine was published in 1987. When the improved Performance II was launched in 1992, its input impedance became 1MΩ, the internal wiring and wiring methods were also changed, and the power supply part was independently separated into a large two-channel 4 chassis. Model. The connection terminal of the power supply part of this system and the host adopts Screw bolt type, and the speaker connection terminal also adopts this method. The connection is very safe and stable, and its input terminal is only balanced. In appearance, it adopts an aluminum rectangular box with no decoration, and there are two cases for left and right stereo. ?

In the Big Mac power amplifier introduced in this article, the appearance of this machine can be said to have the least special design, but it is one of the most outstanding and well-designed models. Many Giant Power Amplifiers win with huge shapes, which may be related to the appearance design of the chassis. Although this machine is large, the breath it emits is fresh and beautiful. ?

In addition, although it is classified as a Big Mac model, it is not a product that blindly pursues power. The sound it emits is a highly completed and outstanding performance. It makes people feel unique elegance. When using the bridge, the whole center of sound of the sound is downward, the sound image is more powerful and thick, and the sense of scale of the sound is very amazing. The sound at this time has also changed from the clear and clear connection to the more graceful, relaxed and lively. , Also more impactful. ?

The charm and characteristics of Performance â…¡ are good at expressing slender texture and rich sound, but once bridged, the author thinks that it has lost its gorgeous sound quality. However, the bridge also has its unique charm. Although the sound is a bit exaggerated, the effect is very amazing and full of movement. At this time, the orchestral dynamic range is extremely large, and it may show greater courage than the real thing. The author also believes that it uses Generally speaking, the sound is more natural and elegant when connected. At this time, the slender and elegant sound quality of the violin group is the unique transcendental advantage of Cello. Its clean sound expression and unique elegant elegance are as clear as the clear flowing water. The best in audio. ?

5. Pure and exquisite Jeff Rowland DG Model 9TI?

The price of Jeff Rowland DG Model 9TI is about 310,000 Hong Kong dollars. Its output per channel is about 350W (8Ω), 700W (4Ω), 1000W (2Ω). The size and weight are 445mm × 285mm × 560mm and 41kg ( Main part), 60kg (power part). ?

9TI is the latest version of Jeff Rowland's 9 series. It seems that there is no change in appearance. However, compared with the prototype, it has made a lot of improvements. It is the current flagship model of Jeff Rowland. The big change is that the machine adopts 24 small and delicate output power components Intelligent Amp, which also greatly shortens the signal line under the consideration of high power, and the internal wiring is greatly reduced. 9TI adopts a stereo 4 chassis structure that is separate from the power supply. The manufacturer recommends that it be combined with the pre-level Coherence II of the same factory. ?

9Ti adopts the chassis structure of the power supply part, which is the same as Cello's Performance II, but the two are completely different in terms of internal and external design and music reproduction. In terms of appearance, 9Ti polished beautifully with a metallic luster has a unique sense of purity. The combination of 9Ti and some speakers with thinner bass energy is particularly good. The sound it depicts is even and beautiful. The sound with excellent layering makes the three-dimensional sense of the space easy to present. It is particularly surprising that the bass that usually comes along the floor When listening with 9Ti, it seems to be floating in the air. In addition, its dynamics of pacification and frustration are also outstanding, showing excellent descriptive power. ?

However, the sound made by this machine seems to make the simplicity of the music and the natural texture of the music too refined, but its gorgeous and radiant sound will not make people feel cold, even with soft skin The texture makes the listener feel a warm atmosphere and the sound is pure and beautiful. The ability to virtualize the replay of the stereo into a visual image is outstanding. In addition, the author feels that 9Ti can fully appreciate the charm of orchestral music. Such pure replay has reached a very high level in sound quality, and this is its greatest feature. ?

6. Goldmund Mimesis 29.4, clear, transparent and artistic

The price of Goldmund Mimesis 29.4 is about 340,000 Hong Kong dollars. The output of each channel of this machine is 350W (2 ~ 8Ω). Its volume and weight are 483mm × 254mm × 570mm and 68kg, respectively. ?

The biggest feature of Minesis 29.4, the top product of Goldmund, the most powerful Hi-End factory in Switzerland, is the strong body structure. The machine's chassis is composed of extremely thick aluminum and copper plates, and the structure is very strong. Due to the unbalanced structure of the circuit, its circuit is relatively delicate, and the input is mainly unbalanced. Among them, it has a special connector to use the special SP wire of Goldmund. The filter circuit AC-Curator used to clean the AC power supply in the machine is modularized. It is equipped with a display to display the internal temperature or input gain value. The power supply unit with 8 transformers respectively supplies power to the voltage amplifier and output group, and It is modularized to reduce vibration. ?

It is said that the high-speed and high-power output stage uses 4 pairs of MOSFETs in parallel for push-pull work. When the load is 2 ~ 8Ω, the output power is 350W. It is not too large among the models introduced in this article, but its low frequency penetration The force is very full and extremely clear and transparent. This advantage can be said to be outstanding among the multiple amplifiers I touched this time. In addition, it generates less heat, which is also a major advantage of Goldmund products. ?

This machine uses the circuit and case formed by the unique design concept to create a unique amplifier. It is the most advanced and advanced mono model in Europe. Its sound is known for its soft temperament, and its deep artistic temperament is displayed with the replayed music and music characteristics. There is a delicate, slender, transparent and clear beauty in the sound. Its low-frequency clarity and transparency are called Superb level. At the same time, the exquisite and solid sound also shows the excellent spatial description power in accordance with the characteristics of the music. The layered instruments group shows the different realms of the music under different interpretations through the amazing resolution, which makes people deeply Fascinated. ?

7. Boulder2052 with medium tone and amazing energy?

The price of Boulder 2052 is about 500,000 Hong Kong dollars. Its output of each channel is 1000W (8Ω). The size and weight of each channel are 457mm × 273mm × 686mm and 106kg. ?

2052 is the most advanced model among the Boulder series products in Germany. The factory believes that the best insurance method to match it well is to choose the pre-level 2010 of the same factory. Boulder has always been engaged in the development of professional models, but this machine is a consumer-specific model belonging to the Hi-End class. Its output stage is composed of 80 power transistors and uses a balanced circuit. In addition, it is equipped with a high-performance component "993" developed exclusively by Boulder and a unique heat sink made of a 5cm thick aluminum plate car. These can be said to be the biggest features of 2052 in design. ?

The power cable of the 2052 uses a very thick special wire. The huge connector is located below the center of the backplane. The speaker terminals are made of large and strong products, which makes it easy to firmly tighten the wire. The protective cover of the right part of the chassis is equipped with positive and negative independent power transformers. The machine is also equipped with a special circuit that can suppress the inrush current when the power is connected. From the appearance point of view, the depth of Boulder 2050 reaches 70cm, coupled with the weight of more than 100kg and the output power of 1000W (8Ω) and the expensive price, it can indeed be said to be a veritable "Big Mac" model. ?

The appearance of this Boulder giant amplifier has many unique characteristics. If I want to delve into the characteristics of its sound, I think the most important thing is its natural tone. In addition, although it is a Big Mac amplifier, the sound shows an exquisite wind and excellent analytical power. In the performance of orchestral music, the number of strings can be clearly presented. The slender and soft violin group sings beautifully. The piano sound is also natural and straight. It makes people feel that the sound of the speaker has become straight and less modified. The machine seems to be completely The speaker is controlled, so that the speaker cannot be arbitrarily expressed and becomes organized. ?

Compared with the other models in this article, its sound characteristics are unusually large energy and sense of scale. Many large speakers seem to add hidden subwoofers under its drive, giving a thick and deep bass, giving the impression of the author Especially profound is to enjoy the strong fluctuations of low frequency again and again. Despite its unusually loud sound, the sound does not show any roughness and maintains excellent linear purity, which is very commendable. The moderate characteristic of this amplifier's sound is also very obvious, even beyond people's imagination, it can faithfully reflect the characteristics of the connector. Therefore, the author believes that the match of this machine should not be too particular about the so-called pure combination, and even the tone can be added to the pre-level, so as to realize its super potential. ?

The sound of this unit exudes a very relaxed and simple temperament, and sometimes people cannot help wondering whether it is a so-called giant amplifier. If you pick a stone from an egg, it ’s that its acoustics still need to be refined to improve, but its timbre hidden in huge power, outstanding energy scale, and faithfully reflecting the characteristics of the sound are enough to make it Deeply attractive. ?

8. Krell FPB 350Mc with natural rhythm and vivid transparency?

The price of Krell FPB 350Mc is about 180,000 Hong Kong dollars. The output of each channel of this machine is 350W (8Ω), 700W (4Ω), 1400W (2Ω). It adopts a dual mono channel split structure. The weight is 323mm × 261mm × 534mm and 36kg respectively. ?

This machine inherits the characteristics of the factory's FPB (full power balance) series power amplifier, and is equipped with a unique CAST signal transmission method. CAS T is a "high output / low input" current transmission analog signal method that increases the output impedance of the output equipment and reduces the input impedance. Unlike the general "low output / high input" voltage transmission method, its advantage is that it is not easily affected by the transmission line. Impact. ?

Krell introduced the 350M after making a mono 250M based on FPB 200 last year. 350Mc is an evolution of 350M. The difference between the two is that 350Mc has CAST transmission function. The structure of this machine is exactly the same as 250M. Unique left-right symmetrical body. This box structure is not just to pursue a novelty in performance, it can also prevent the wiring from becoming longer. 350Mc uses a differential circuit with fully balanced input to output, but this is not a normal bridge, but a fully balanced amplification through the current operation between the normal and reverse amplifiers. Its power transformer is installed on the side plate opposite to the heat sink, and the power supply part has also been greatly strengthened. ?

350Mc can use RCA / XLR conversion socket input. Since the two amplifiers of normal phase and reverse phase are required to be completely symmetrical, in order to achieve this critical amplification, it uses Krell's unique micro-processing control technology. This technology can monitor the impedance change of the speaker, and also can stably supply the voltage and current suitable for the change, automatically adjust and correct the output bias level, DC offset, etc., and can immediately cut off the current supply when a fault occurs. The role of the protection circuit, so it does not use relays, fuses and other components that will affect the sound quality. For high-power Class A amplifiers such as 350Mc, the heating problem cannot be ignored. The microprocessor management system can ensure that the machine can prevent accidents, even if it is used continuously for many years. ?

The sound texture of this machine is very good, does not emphasize any frequency domain, and is very balanced. It has a very clean and active sound when it is connected with Krell's preamp with CAST. In the piano part of "Chopin", the chords are very active, the elegance of the after rhythm is very good, and the response to the rise and fall of the music is very good, giving a lifelike feeling. At the same time, it also has the excellent mean characteristics of the American amplifier, the texture of the instrument performs well, and you can hear good sound even if you don't use the CAST connection. ?

The sound of 350Mc is quite different from that of the original stereo structure 300. On the basis of monophonic composition, its outstanding and beautiful wide sound field feels nothing to say. It does not emphasize the sense of weight, the rhythm and speed of the music are very natural, and the energy balance is also very good, which is a major feature. In particular, its clear high frequency and bright and transparent texture are impressive. Even the large-scale passages in the shelter have strong stability. The sound is very natural and rich, making people feel comfortable in hearing. ?

9. Smooth and sophisticated audio research VT200?

The price of Audio Research VT200 is about 110,000 Hong Kong dollars. It is a stereo structure with an output of 200W + 200W. It uses 16 Russian 6550C vacuum tubes. The size and weight of the whole machine are 483mm × 267mm × 638mm and 46.5kg, respectively. ?

Audio Research is a Hi? End manufacturer based in Minneapolis, USA. It has a 30-year history since its founding and has always focused on bile duct amplifiers. Now the company has a very high reputation as an old brand of American high-end audio. The biggest feature of its amplifier design is the active use of modern transistor technology while using bile duct components, such as the use of transistors in the regulated power supplies of various amplifier stages. ?

VT200 is not the largest model of Audio Research, Reference 600 (500W mono rear level) is its flagship product, but because the author is not involved in it, and the 200W × 2 bile duct output of VT200 is not low, the sound The sense of grandeur is never lost to the 300W transistor machine, so I will introduce it to everyone. ?

The VT200 power amplifier shown has a balanced input circuit, the power transformer of the machine is located in the front, and the output transformer is located in the back. The backplane not only has speaker output terminals corresponding to each impedance, but also has balanced input and unbalanced input terminals. Each channel of its output stage uses eight 6550C, and the input stage and driver stage use 6922. ?

The VT200 can be reproduced excellently when replaying orchestral music, especially the gentle playing technique and musical components of string instruments. It does not emphasize the fineness of sound particles, but the positioning of its sound image is highly accurate and extremely analytical. . ?

The company's top products generally have a sense of scale, and they have great charm in terms of pure sound, analytical power, musical rhythm, etc., but there is no obvious feeling in this machine. Its sound field becomes more stable, and it is sensitive to changes in the density and thickness of the sound. The overall sound is transparent and fast. The sound with a certain thickness can be said to be the traditional tone of Audio Research. While maintaining this tradition, the VT200's ability to smoothly reproduce the details is greatly improved, and the sense of broad sound field is extremely strong. Compared with the previous advanced models of the company, the texture of the VT200 sound has been improved. The very clean and clean notes emit an irresistible charm. It is indeed a premium product of the company. ?

10. Classe Omega Poweramplifier with noble, natural and dynamic colors?
The price of Classe Omega Poweramplifier is about 220,000 Hong Kong dollars. The machine is a stereo structure, its output is 450W + 450W (8Ω), 900W + 900W (4Ω), when bridged into mono, the output is 1800W (8Ω), 3600W (4Ω) , Its size and weight are 521mm × 311mm × 730mm and 113.3kg. ?

Canada's Clase Audio is a very popular professional audio manufacturer in Europe and America. It focuses on the high-end audio market in the United States. In the design, the company attaches great importance to the quality of the power supply, and the sound is mainly natural. Omega is a new series introduced by Classe, this series includes large-scale Omega power amplifier and split Omega pre-stage. "Omega" is the last Arabic letter in Greek and the ultimate meaning. The Omega series is the flagship model that maximizes the sound that Classe has been pursuing for many years. The highest model is the Poweramplifier. This machine uses a large transformer with a vertical device and uses a large number of high-current bipolar output components. Its appearance is simply a giant monster. ?

Observe that the two 2.5kVA large-scale toroidal transformers consider reducing vibration and bending. They are sandwiched by a thick metal plate and fixed vertically in the middle of the box. The capacity of the capacitor is also more than 100,000 μF per channel, which can provide a very sufficient amount of distribution. A shielded small ring cow is installed near the output stage, probably to supply power to the protection circuit. ?

The output stage of this machine uses gold-sealed bipolar transistors, each channel uses 8 pairs of selected bipolar transistors, installed on a solid heat sink, using natural air cooling. It is equipped with Classe-specific Cardas power cord. The chassis uses a large amount of thickened pure aluminum to reduce resonance. The whole machine gives a sturdy impression and is very personal. ?

Poweramplifier's sound has a sense of color, but the sound is quite natural and analytical. The level of detail can be fully expressed in a song of great potential, such as the fineness and tremor of the singer's throat, and even the moistening of the throat can be clearly portrayed. The dynamics of the frustration are also unimaginable. In the vast sound field, the positioning of musical instruments and singers is exceptionally clear and precise, and the sound is smooth and coherent. The overall center of gravity when expressing orchestral symphonies is very low. The style of bass instruments such as double bass is also strongly portrayed. The noise floating around does not destroy the atmosphere at all. The after rhythm of the disappeared sound retains a clear sense of transparency, which is natural The noble voice has another charm. ?

In the category of loudspeaker systems and power amplifiers, compared with other types, the Big Mac equipment is characterized by super large size. They are the products designed under the guidance of top-level ideas. But in order to realize the potential of these devices, it must have quite good conditions. The so-called condition is actually space. At the same time, it must pay attention to the problem of the capacity of the power supply. ?

No matter its sound or momentum is amazing, maybe this is the charm of the Big Mac amplifier. This unhurried power, leisurely sound, and sense of margin at high volume can be reproduced with excellent linearity even in the climax of the music. These advantages are unmatched by ordinary models. Especially when listening to jazz, their power is exerted to the fullest, so you can deeply appreciate the fun of this amplifier. ?

Before the 1970s, the Big Mac amplifier was still very rare. After the 1970s, the Threshold large power amplifier in the United States was impressive. At that time, the Big Mac amplifier was represented by McIntosh's MC2300, but the MC2300 did not use McIntosh's unique glass panel. The surface was a professional-grade metal panel. The maximum output power of the Mc2300 was 300W. At that time, its low frequency was still quite rough, and the output power and sound quality could not be considered simultaneously. The author believes that technological progress may be the reason why there is a difference between the current equipment and the past equipment. This is also the reason for the transformation of the Giant Power Amplifier in the past 10 years, and the progress in recent years is more significant. ?

Considering the current situation of family homes, these giant amplifiers may not be suitable. However, music and sound are used to enrich the human spirit, so these products containing dreams are the most indispensable in the minds of enthusiasts. They are all designed by professionals who have racked their brains, and their wonderfulness is also fully reflected in their appearance. The existence of the giant power amplifier has indeed realized the dream of many audio fans. ?

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Published on 2006-04-15 13:20 • 2354 times read
Low frequency power amplifier
[Photo] TDA2030 audio power amplifier

Published on 2006-04-15 13:10 • 1249 times read
[Photo] TDA2030 audio power amplifier
[Photo] Transistor 15W Class A Power Amplifier

Looking at the Hi-Fi amplifiers currently on the market, the output power is 100W ...

Published on 2006-04-15 13:10 • 1306 times read
[Photo] Transistor 15W Class A Power Amplifier
[Photo] 125W Class D Subwoofer Power Amplifier

With the newly launched LM4651 and LM465 from National Semiconductor ...

Posted at 2006-04-15 13:10 • 337 views
[Photo] 125W Class D Subwoofer Power Amplifier
[Photo] Mark Levinson No. 30 ...

Posted at 2006-04-15 13:05 • 1336 views
[Photo] Mark Levinson No. 30 ...
[Photo] 45W transistor tube hybrid power amplifier

EL34 (6CA7) was first launched by Philips in 1956 ...

Published on 2006-04-15 13:05 • 1443 views
[Photo] 45W transistor tube hybrid power amplifier
[Photo] 32W hybrid audio power amplifier

This article cleverly combines the electronic tube EL34 and the transistor (op amp), ...

Published on 2006-04-15 13:05 • 1312 views
[Photo] 32W hybrid audio power amplifier
[Photo] Gallstone hybrid power amplifier using switching power supply

The pre-amplifier adopts a European-made TESLA brand low noise high cheek double transistor ...

Published on 2006-04-15 13:05 • 1092 times read
[Photo] Gallstone hybrid power amplifier using switching power supply
[Photo] Simple fool power amplifier

"Simple" means the circuit of the amplifier is simple, making it easier, as long as the picture ...

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[Photo] Simple fool power amplifier
[Photo] LM386 low voltage audio power amplifier ...

1. Description: & nb ...

Posted at 2006-04-15 13:04 • 1397 times read
[Photo] LM386 low voltage audio power amplifier ...
[Photo] Class A power amplifier using SAP15N / P audio pair tube ...

The Class A transistor power amplifier has a warm and sweet tone, which makes people tempted. But the temperature rise of Class A amplifier ...

Published on 2006-04-15 13:03 • 3767 views
[Photo] Class A power amplifier using SAP15N / P audio pair tube ...
[Photo] Using TDA7294 and 2SA1216 / 2S ...

The circuit is shown in Figure 5, ...

Published on 2006-04-14 23:34 • 3043 times read
[Photo] Using TDA7294 and 2SA1216 / 2S ...
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