Computer active power amplifier production

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       I made an active computer power amplifier, and its effect is very good. These circuits are worth a try for beginners and those who like to do it by themselves. The printed circuit board of this circuit is optimized by design and has operability. As long as the wiring is in this style, a satisfactory circuit can be designed. Of course, if you add more ground wires, the effect will be better. The whole circuit is shown in the figure below.

       The printed circuit board of this circuit adopts single-panel wiring. The circuit is optimized and drawn by protel software, and after many actual production adjustments, it focuses on solving the noise of the circuit itself. The input and output lines of the circuit enter and exit from the two sides of the circuit, respectively Careful consideration, especially the wiring design, fully considered the characteristics of the components and improved the input and output quality of the circuit.

Front view of PCB

On FIG. 1, FIG. 2 is a view of a circuit board traces, note FIG two opposite faces, their relationship to be noted that the actual production.

FIG front stage circuit J1 is the two-channel input terminals, R8 and R10 are an input resistor 20k, R1 and R2, C1 and C2 for improving tone, R7, W1, C8, IC1 combined into a feedback tone adjustment circuit, C10 Used for super audio filtering, sometimes it can be used without installation. W1 takes 5k ~ 10k for tone adjustment. Circuit IC1 is used for pre-amplification. â‘¢ pin is positive phase input, â‘¡ pin is negative phase input, â‘  pin is output, dual 12V ~ 15V power supply, R * can be added to the input to improve the no-load noise, and the value can be 500 ~ 5k .

After using FIG TDA2030A circuit stage for a power amplifier with dual power supply 12V ~ 15V, 10W provides more power, wherein W2 is a volume The regulator, R16 and R19 determine the magnification, R11 is to prevent zero drift. C5 (short circuit C5 ) can also be removed to prevent zero drift. If R11 is not connected , the output DC voltage may change until it cannot be amplified. The resistance can be considered as 20k ~ 100k .

       According to the schematic diagram, the list of components from left to right is shown in Table 1 , where the symmetrical components of the left and right channels are placed in the same square.

The picture on the upper left is the picture of the component surface of the finished board. All components except the capacitors should use non-polar capacitors as far as possible, and other components can generally be used as long as the voltage meets the requirements.

Article source: 2004 7th issue of electronic production magazine Editor in charge: ele-diy

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