Combination of VR and comics, "Chinese strange talk" VR version online

Combining VR and Manga, "Chinese Strange Talk" VR version comes online from Baidu VR

VR is more closely integrated with movies and games, and development is faster. Recently, China's first VR comic book, Hell Elevator, was formally launched. Netease Comics conducted the first VR attempt in the domestic comic industry for the popular work "Chinese Weird Talk" on the station.

"Chinese Strange Talks" was created on October 10th and was published in the works of Netease comics. It hit nearly 700 million and was welcomed by a large number of fans. "Hell Lift" mainly talks about the horror story of the protagonist Xiaozhi riding an old elevator and accidentally slamming the evil spirits to hell. The special scene in the horror cartoons enhances the overall atmosphere and user experience through VR.

This event will invite strangers to experience the horror VR by elevator respectively, and record the reaction of each experiencer, and cut it into a creative video for sharing.

The combination of VR and comics makes the comics appear more realistic in front of people, especially the horror comics in the VR's dip under the atmosphere more realistic. Hell Elevator will become the first attempt to combine domestic comics and vr technology. Its effectiveness will also greatly affect the domestic comic industry and lead the comic industry to seek new breakthroughs.

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