Family Internet machine installed and practical software recommended

The computer in my home is an 11-year-old AMD platform computer (worse, no configuration is found). At that time, my parents looked for the so-called acquaintance-loading machine in the computer room inside the community and later went to college (computer science) to the computer. After learning it was discovered that it was actually about a thousand pits, but it was useless. However, the computer was equipped with win10 and ssd could be used. Although sometimes it was stuck and the fan sounded louder, the parents also got on. Taobao, playing qq games, the computer requirements are not high, so I did not want to change the computer. However, six months ago, the computer suddenly began to suddenly break points, and then can not directly open the machine, I guess most of the poor power is hung up, want to simply take the double eleven directly for a new computer, parents will not install and not often at home so Wait until I get home before I install it. The following is the text introduction:

First, configuration and installation

The following is a specific bill of materials and price list, the total price of two thousand five: (The red frame for the tb start, the blue box for the jd, hard drive demolition of the old computer) Because the computer desk at home is cornered, the chassis is under the desk. Almost all of the accessories are recommended by Zhang Aunt on the push or commentator. The following is a finished drawing (the mouse pad is attached to the chassis, ignoring it):

Finished product


The thought that mATX is also small enough to fit on the table, bought only to find that ITX should be bought, this Tt S3 is also to see the comments of Zhang Aunt installed original post get to, cheap and workmanship is OK (except the hard disk holder is plastic , the other plate thickness is generally). In addition, with the back line + side through the motherboard with the audio split lamp line, fan equivalent, in fact, should be very nice, but because the home this table under the table, and do not like light pollution, so in fact there is no use .

Tt (Thermaltake) Sailor S3 black board chassis (support 24cm water cooling / back line / U3 / long video card / game chassis) 139 yuan Thermaltake is from Taiwan's hardware manufacturers, focusing on the field of heat dissipation, has a good reputation. The sleek S3 M-ATX mini chassis has a simple shape, an aluminum-brushed material front panel, and transparent side panels, allowing the internal structure to be clearly seen. Internal structure: support 12 or 24cm integrated water cooling, graphics length up to 290mm, two hard drive tray, back line, power down. Various I/O interfaces were moved to Jingdong direct link to Wikipedia

The motherboard originally wanted to buy the Asus B150m plus jd Plus member price, but there was no special price between the hesitation, so tb bought the B150M-A series with m.2. In fact, not too bad, but plus with cpu heat sink, looks higher.

ASUS B150M-PLUS motherboard Intel B150/LGA 1151619 yuan ASUS B150M-PLUS motherboard 6-phase digital power supply, support DDR4, 4 memory slots, onboard heat sink, HDMI interface, USB TypeC interface, with M2 interface provides 4 DDR4 slot, support USB3.0 Type-C interface, so that you do not need to consider both positive and negative when connecting U disk. The audio part uses Japanese audio capacitors and the Acoustic Master sound gives you immersive gaming enjoyment. 6-phase power supply, R68 Jingdong direct link to Wikipedia

According to the needs of the family, the i3 was sufficient, but the double 11 was delayed because the red envelope was swallowed. She witnessed the delay in ordering and witnessed the price of the store from 630+ to 650+ to 690+, and it took only one hour. Within it, the double eleven must be rushing to buy. In addition, the AMD platform did not seem to be biased against the A platform. It is still considered that Intel is more suitable for win10.

There are no other big parts to say about other accessories. We must use a stable and scalable mindset to do it.

AOC 23.6 inches new second generation PLS screen 1.6mm narrow border P2491VWHE/BW wide viewing angle love eye is not a splash screen (HDMI version) 899 yuan AOC 23.6 inches new second generation PLS screen 1.6mm narrow border P2491VWHE/BW wide angle of view love eyes No splash screen with HDMI Jingdong direct link

Delta [DELTA] Rated 350W NX350 Power [80PLUS Bronze / Full Voltage / 12CM Temperature Control Silent Fan / Support Back Line / Three Year Warranty] 219 yuan The same price The best price / price of the power of Dachang factory Jingdong direct link Encyclopedia

SCYTHE Red Rabbit STB120 CPU Radiator (support AMD, intel multi-platform / 4 heat pipe / 12cm temperature control red light fan) 99 yuan Jingdong direct link

The last one had finished win10, and after the update, the entertainment masters ran, but I couldn't read it. Parents should not care. Generally speaking, a few web pages and listening songs have a temperature of only 30 degrees, and much better than the old computers cannot hear the sound of computer fans or hard disks.

Running points

The following is a brief introduction to the loading machine. In fact, this is my first full installation. I used to change the solid state, memory, and fans before. However, it was the first time that I actually completed it completely. This time it took a while to get a little satisfied. The experience is that brain work is not a physical task at the time of installation. Want to learn to learn to walk on the back, but found that it is too toss, and finally barely strong fixed (but in any case, can not see below the table, in fact, it does not matter if it does not look good, but their own slightly obsessive-compulsive disorder only)


A little experience for newcomers like me, 1 Do not think of all the accessories as soon as they come up. Screws do not come up and they are fixed. The line should not be tied up. 2 It is recommended that the cpu fan be installed last, because it is not as good to take it down but sometimes it is more inconvenient. 3 pay attention to small details, such as cpu placement, fan direction and so on. Second, the software recommended

As a loyal fan and heavy user of the computer, the requirement for the computer is relatively high. Here are some recommendations for my installed software, mainly based on small and practical. Here are some screenshots of your own laptop, some of which are new computers at home.

1. Antivirus + Finishing Tools: Fire Plus Cube

The velvet is chosen because it is small, efficient, and free from turbulence. Get out from the V2EX net friend, the actual use is completely satisfactory, not like a certain number of penguins a degree of the same computer kidnaps the entire computer. In fact, parents' computers are rarely poisoned, and rogue software is the focus of prevention and control. Firefox prompts the whole family of bucket software, such as just mentioned, to block the installation by default. For example, the aforementioned Master Lu belongs to the Department of Digital, Fire velvet directly prompted to prohibit the installation.

Another use of imitation is mainly because of the three functions of the upper circle, which are also light and efficient. This software I feel belongs to the kind that is actually not much needed, but will be handy when installed.

In addition, such as CCleaner IOBit software, the actual experience down, I think although a bit effective, but it is not simple enough, so it is not recommended.

2. Resource Management Tools: QTTabBar + Everything

QTTarBar is a resource manager plug-in that can implement multi-tab management and preview effects. However, it is easier to use than other commanders such as TotalCommander. It is more recommended than Clover to save memory and stability. In addition, it combines the functions of Seer and is more natural and natural.

Multiple tags and preview

Everything is a must-have software on your own Windows laptop. It can create a file index on the specified disk, occupy less than 5M of memory, and can quickly search for public functions, such as various documents. . Of course not to mention that Mac even comes with full-text search capabilities, I think the general people do not have that demand, and in fact it is a very resource-consuming service, indexing the file name is sufficient. Everything index

3. Keyboard efficiency tool: Capslock+

I like this little software, but I only use basic functions. It is convenient to point out that the Caps Lock key, which is not commonly used on the keyboard, is combined with other keys to form a shortcut so that the finger can be kept in the main keyboard area, such as Caps+ W/A/S/D moves the cursor up, down, left, right, left, right, so that you don't have to use the arrow keys or the mouse. This is not a small efficiency boost for coders or writers like me (of course, many IDEs come with such shortcut keys, However, this provides a global service).

In addition Capslock+ can also achieve quick start, such as quick search, open files, calculations and so on. For example, the following figure, of course, you can also customize the search of the dictionary, etc.

Quick Start

For details and other usages, refer to this article

There are also some small and useful software that may not always be used frequently. We will not go into details here. In fact, most of the requirements have corresponding software or plug-ins (such as batch rename, batch download of pictures, and batch storage of web pages), making good use of search tools. Searching in niche, soft, alien, minority, or V2EX can always get a solution and increase computer efficiency.

The above is the full content. Welcome to exchange and discussion. Of course, I know more about software.

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