LED lighting industry innovation should start from a non-technical perspective

Starting in 2003 and experiencing a short period of 7 or 8 years, the output value of the LED green lighting industry has reached more than 100 billion yuan. People have reached consensus on the vitality and prospect of this industry. According to Liu Qiyan, deputy director of the Research Office of the Ministry of Science and Technology, the scale of the development of the LED industry and the industry model will depend on our imagination.

Facing the status quo of the LED green lighting industry, how to make it healthy, orderly, and rapid development is a serious practical issue facing the government, enterprises and other relevant parties. Many experts and business leaders have provided many development ideas worthy of reference.

When talking about the competition of LED companies, Li Baoguo, chairman of the China Quality Inspection Association, said: "The market economy must compete, I hope that LED companies are competing in technology, quality, and brand, never fall into the price. In the competition, if we compete on price, we all choose to reduce costs. In order to reduce costs, we will cut corners and materials, and ultimately we cannot guarantee product quality. As a result, this industry will be destroyed.”

Zhaoying, the secretariat of the Semiconductor Lighting Technical Standards Working Group of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, proposed: “In the future, when LEDs enter the general lighting field, they should not be limited to traditional alternative lamps. Enterprises can start with alternative lamps and use LED products directly in the traditional Lamps; in the future to produce more comfortable, more artistic, or more environmentally friendly products, so that LED lighting products have a wider range of applications, but also gave birth to a variety of new types of lamps."

Liu Qiyan also stated that due to the strong plasticity of LED lamps, designers can display their artistic and aesthetic aspects, and there will be good prospects for application in areas such as home improvement, urban landscape, display and lighting. "Technical innovation must be considered from a non-technical perspective. This is an important source of confidence for this industry." LED companies must focus on quality but also focus on the taste of art and focus on innovation, which is the key to the experts' unanimous emphasis.

When referring to the construction of the industrial chain, Xu Jinshou, executive vice chairman of the China Semiconductor Industry Association, said: "The upstream and downstream industries should be interactive. At present, the current status of China's LED industry is the provinces and provinces, and all enterprises do business. This is a big problem in every aspect of the industry chain.As far as the LED lighting industry is concerned, under the guidance of the national science and technology plan, companies and research institutions form a coalition to jointly develop and build a patent pool, which is the development of the industry. Great promotion.” Wang Fengchi, chairman of Baoding Dazheng Solar Optoelectronic Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd., also mentioned that it is entirely possible to create a supermarket for the LED lighting industry and bring together the production conditions that the country can support and expand the scale of the industry. All links in the industry chain will be fully integrated and utilized, leveraging the optimal allocation of resources to seek the common development of the entire industry.

“In the past, we talked about promoting the development of an industry. We only talked about the combination of production, education and research, or the combination of government, industry and research, but we neglected the participation of the media. Because the media has an irreplaceable role to focus on the development of the key strategies for market development and the formation of other focal points. Academician appeals and media appeals are different. The academician only represents a technical point of view. The media may represent market consensus and hope that the relevant media can really promote the development of a new industry and become a truly influential platform in the new era.” Liu Qiyan believes that In the process of industrial development, the role of the media is very important and it is a force that can not be ignored in the promotion of industrial development.

Experts also provided valuable opinions and suggestions for related media. Li Baoguo said: “We should pay attention to typical reports in the process of promotion and application. Of course, we will find some deficiencies and problems in the application process. This is inevitable because new technologies are always in the process of development and continuous improvement. These problems arise in technology. Improvements may also become a growth point for future development.” Zhang Ren, Secretary-General of the China Building Decoration Association's residential decoration and decoration committee, also suggested: “The media should create a summit forum, and timely, and choose the opportunity to invite industry experts, scholars, and entrepreneurs to green lighting. The development trend of the industry is discussed so that after participating in the forum, entrepreneurs will know the development direction and business ideas of the company and create a forum brand.”

The development of an emerging industry is inseparable from the common struggle of all companies. It is inseparable from the concerted efforts of all parts of the industry, and it is inseparable from the attention and support of the media and users. LED green lighting industry development, but also need more mentors and friends to join hands.

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