This stuff is usually hard and hard, but the key moment is amazing!

In the past few days, she has no intention of working hard and has been thinking of giving birth to the motherland. .

Today we are going to talk about a magical product.

It can be soft and durable. .

Don't think about it. It's the following colorful cards.

Hard to beat, but just throw it into the hot water. .

look! Soft, soft, it's soft!

Then, you can make it into various shapes, just like playing plasticine.

This effect can be great -

It's easy to pinch out a cell phone holder.

Slightly more processing. .

Advanced car brackets are also available. .

It doesn't matter if the toy is broken. Where is it broken, so easy!

You can actually repair your umbrella. .

There are all kinds of uses that you couldn’t use for your imagination.

Homemade easy wrenches turn around effortlessly.

In case of emergency, it can also be used as a screwdriver.

And it's only a small piece that will make it easier for you to use force.

Do not want a sharp blade to hurt the child, then cover it with a lid.

The kitchen is also inseparable from it.

Fix the utility knife.

Fix the lampshade.

Even made a funnel.

Sure enough, the brain hole is boundless!

This is a magical patched plastic card developed by British designer Peter Marigold -


Maybe the black friends would think that something so soft and easy to use is not firm?

This can be assured!

Its founder Peter Marigold said -

After the FORMcard cools down, it can quickly return to its original hardness, which is comparable to nylon. The key moments will certainly not be soft!

Its material is a starch material that is completely non-toxic based on bioplastics, and pigments that are colored on the surface are also safe.

Only the size of a credit card can be easily inserted into a purse pocket.

It is worth mentioning that--

This kind of repair plastic can be reused numerous times and only needs to be soaked in hot water to be reused.

After the hot water is brewed, you can also arbitrarily cut and adjust the size you need.

It is a must-have item for home travel. .

In the end, let's be honest, most want to repair it with it. .

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