Use of gas sensor in mineral detection

In the middle of the Karakum Desert in Turkmenistan, there is a man-made large crater called the “gate of hell”. It is reported that this was caused by the collapse of underground drilling rigs when Soviet geologists were drilling natural gas here in 1971. Fearing that toxic gas might be released in the pit, geologists ignited the gas in the pit, and the fire has been burning for more than 40 years. Now, in the village of Derweze, about 260 kilometers from Ashdod, the capital of Turkmenistan, you can still clearly see the golden glow of the blazing fire in this big pit. But if there is of course a gas sensor, this situation may be avoided.

A gas sensor is a device that converts information such as the composition and concentration of gas into information that can be used by people, instruments, computers, etc. There are many types of sensors, and there are different gas sensors for different gases, such as carbon dioxide gas sensors, other oxygen sensors, and methane gas sensors. Using gas sensors, we can easily measure the concentration of various gases in the current gas. When detecting minerals, we can use gas sensors to detect the content of each gas in the mine, detect the concentration of toxic gases, and whether there is a risk of combustion and explosion, so as to decide whether to send someone to the well, which greatly avoids the detection process The loss of people and property will not form a large artificial crater like the "Hell's Gate".

One of the most important parameters of a gas sensor is sensitivity. Once the sensitivity of the gas sensor is not high, its application range is greatly limited, because for many gas subtle differences may be fatal. Therefore, we must improve the production technology of gas sensors, and strive to develop high-sensitivity gas sensors.

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