Analysis and Analysis of the Types of Automobile Central Control Locks

The central locking in the car refers to the switch located beside the driver's seat, which is a control device that can control the closing and opening of the door of the whole vehicle at the same time. This "central door lock" control device has been assembled in cars since the 1970s. After more than 20 years, it has been applied more commonly. The central locking switch in the car is usually installed on the door or the center console.

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At present, there are many types of central locking for car mounting, but the basic components are mainly door lock switch, door lock actuator and door lock controller.

1. Door lock switch: Most of the central control negative switches are composed of main switch and sub-switch. The main switch is installed on the door of the driver's side. The driver's main switch can lock or open all the doors of the whole car. The sub-switch is mounted on each of the other doors and can be individually controlled.

2. Door lock actuator: The central lock actuator is used to execute the driver's command to lock or unlock the door lock. The door lock actuator has three kinds of driving modes: electromagnetic type, DC motor type and permanent magnet type. Its structure is to perform a lock or door opening action by changing the polarity to change its direction of motion.

(1) Electromagnetic type: It has two coils inside, which are used to open, lock the door lock, and the door lock centralized operation button is usually in the middle position. When the positive current is applied to the lock door coil, the armature moves the rod to the left and the door is locked; when the open circuit coil is connected to the reverse current, the armature drives the link to the right and the door is opened.

(2) DC motor type: it is rotated by the DC motor and transmitted to the door lock lock by the transmission device (the transmission has screw drive, rack drive and spur gear drive), so that the door lock lock can be opened or locked. only. Since the DC motor can rotate in both directions, the locking or opening of the door lock is achieved by the forward and reverse rotation of the motor. This type of actuator consumes less power than an electromagnetic actuator.

(3) Permanent magnet motor type: Permanent magnet motor refers to permanent magnet type step motor. Its role is basically the same as the first two, and the structure is quite different. The rotor has convex teeth, and the radial gap between the convex teeth and the stator pole is small and the magnetic flux is large. The stator has a plurality of electromagnetic poles that are axially uniform, and each of the electromagnetic coils is arranged in a radial direction. The stator is surrounded by iron cores, each of which is wound with a coil. When a current passes through a coil of a certain phase, the core of the coil generates suction. The convex teeth on the rotor are aligned with the magnetic poles of the stator coil, and the rotor will rotate to a minimum. The magnetic flux is a step position. To continue the rotation of the rotor by a step angle, a pulse current is input to the stator coil of the next phase according to the required direction of rotation, and the rotor can be rotated. When the rotor rotates, the door lock is locked or opened by the connection.

Feed Through Terminal Block Section

Feed Through Terminal Block.

In the electrotechnics, the terminal refers to the terminal and is designed to run through the terminal production. The type is divided into single hole, double hole, socket, hook, etc. from the material, copper silver plating, copper zinc plating, copper, aluminum, iron, etc. their functions are mainly to transmit electrical signals or conduct electricity. The unit of terminal block is "bit", and one wiring bit is "bit". Usually the so-called table is the serial number of the terminal, which has different definitions in different applications. "Jie" and "bit" have the same meaning, but they are called differently. Groups are made up of sections.

Feed Through Terminal Block

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