Beyond the thought of Jobs, LeTV will be the first artificial smart phone to be listed in the United States

The iPhone released by Apple nine years ago led the mobile phone industry at that time to the era of "smart phone" and was an extremely important one for the mobile phone industry at that time. Nine years later, when the mobile phones we use have all entered the smart era, what will be the next revolution in smartphones?

The person who can answer this question is not Jobs, but Jia Yueting who is dedicated to promoting ecological mobile phones. Then the next change in smart phones will be "artificial intelligence."

During the G20 summit, Jia Yueting had already disclosed on Weibo: “We look forward to the world’s first LeEco artificial intelligence (LeAI) eco-phone to be available as soon as possible, soon!” is suggesting that the new version of artificial intelligence EUI and LeAI ecological mobile phone will be released recently. .

There are only two UIs in the world, EUI and others

As the nerve center of the world's first artificial smart phone, EUI may usher in a new transformation. LeEUI is not only a super mobile UI, but a nerve center across the terminal. It has a consistent experience in LeTV, LeTV, and LeTV. EUI converges with the Internet, cloud, content, sports, and the Internet. Finance, etc. form a seven-subsidiary ecology. The four-tier structure of “platform + terminal + content + application” works vertically to break the boundaries of family, mobility, and travel life.

Under the support of massive content and big data, EUI has achieved thousand-to-nine operation, breaking the barriers of the traditional mobile phone and closed content, and truly realized intelligent recommendation, which is exactly what one wants. EUI analyzes the identity and likes of users through data and pushes them to the user through LIVE and Happy Desktop.

From the beginning of the super mobile phone release, LeTV has already deployed “artificial intelligence” in advance through EUI, an extremely ecological UI. It is not difficult to imagine that the new version of artificial intelligence LeEui will have language recognition based on the powerful cloud computing and big data platform. Image recognition and natural language processing can react in a similar way to human intelligence. At the same time, LeTV will break the border and integrate the seven ecosystems of the Internet and cloud, content, sports, large screens, mobile phones, automobiles, and Internet finance into a complete system. The artificial intelligence (LeAI) ecological mobile phone will become a mobile close-keeper who can think.

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