LG New Generation Pocket Printer Exposure

LG New Generation Pocket Printer Exposure LG Electronics released Pocket Photo 2, a second-generation pocket photo printer that can connect to Android, iOS, WP8 and other devices to enable wireless printing of photos. The sale date is January, but the price has not yet been announced.

Compared with the previous generation, Packet Photo 2 is even more simple and slim. It is the same size as a 5-inch screen smartphone and is 4mm thinner than the previous generation. The battery performance has also been further improved, and up to 30 photos can be printed while the shop is full. And compatible with Android, iOS and Windows 8, through NFC or Bluetooth connection, after installing supporting applications, you can edit photos, add filters, effects and photo frames, after editing can be wirelessly transmitted to the printer for printing, the printer uses ink-free printing Technology, which needs to be used with dedicated photo paper, can process 30 photos at a time with an accuracy of 313x600dpi, making the photo effect more satisfying.

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