Music tossing note fifteen: this site is the first two unpopular cold Goethe: GRADO RS2e & SR225i

Recently, I decided to change my taste and hang up the K812. Then I plan to collect a cheap thing, play it, and let it be the transition.

I was very fond of using the Goethe RS1i when I thought of it. This time, I focused on the SR225i. Just as there was a suitable price, I received one and came back.

Then, it was a coincidence that one of the fans bought a new RS2e fever and listened to it. I was also curious to borrow it.

The first is the SR225i

i version has been discontinued, updated to e version

The SR225 is a Goethe positioned mid-range headset, which is regarded as the highest positioning Goethe plastic barrel series. The SR325, RS series, PS, and GS series up are metal buckets or barrels. It can be imagined that this earphone positioning is slightly embarrassing, not too much discussion on the Internet. However, this also makes this headset outstanding price - a lot cheaper than the big brother SR325, but the quality gap is not.

The SR225i is a low-end, iconic package from Goethe i's generation, but the box is a lot larger than the SR80i and is on par with the RS series.'s a sponge in an A4 carton

Although we can see Goethe's name, we know what the package is good for, but we must still see it once.

It can be seen that the SR225i is still a 6.35 plug, and it is equipped with a patch cord. It is still a lot of trouble to use. The e series has been changed to a small plug for easy pushing. I think I should have used a small plug, because 225 pushing is already very good.

Everything is Goethe's old way... Hanging line, small drum, antennae's head beam and bracket. Work is also the same, American rough.

However, the touching glue disappeared. Another plastic bucket is not numbered

Then RS2e

The RS2 is also a more awkward headset.

Under the shadow of the Big Brother RS1 all year round, the reputation is far worse than that of a big brother and the price is not cheap (approx. 80% of RS1), so the degree of attention is not high.

However, because the reputation is not as loud as RS1, RS2 does not have too many burdens, which can reflect some different tuning orientations.

RS2e is shipped in such a headset package. V-mode headset package

Open, there are two small yellow buckets lying inside

This bag is still quite large, so it is easy to hold the K812.

e series, since RS1, are replaced by 3.5 small plugs. This is very good, because most of these headphones are very straightforward.

In addition, the e-series was replaced with new wood and the initial version was replaced by Huang Tuoliang. Very interesting, the head beam is almost a color with the wood.

Wooden barrels also have the number written by the iconic ballpoint pen. It can also be seen from the numbering that RS2 sales are much lower than RS1, and RS1 has already exceeded 30,000.

It's really beautiful

Put SR225i and RS2e together

Both are similar in size

But it's not big, almost the same volume as HD25

Put together with K812, obviously a lot worse

The three plugs are put together, from left to right are 3.5 heads of adapters, 3.5 heads of RS2e, and 6.35 heads of SR225i. Although the e series has changed into a small plug, it can be seen that the plug is still not small...

The brackets of the two headsets are almost the same as those of the RS1 and above. Above RS1 is a full circle of metal brackets, these are notched plastic brackets

In addition, I think that the small drum with eyes is more resistant...

Close-up of two barrels, glue barrel still.

The head beam can clearly see the difference in grades. The head of the SR225 is a thin layer of artificial leather wrapped in a piece of metal. The head of the RS2 is wrapped in thick leather and is obviously better in terms of grade and comfort.

Talk about sound

The SR225i still has a distinct Goethe flavor, but it's strange that I only had 225 high frequencies in my hands that were very dark and the whole thing was more like the Alice series, like the large Alice M1. The unlined always said that the 225 he had heard before was more exciting than the RS1...

Khan, people have to suspect that 225 also changed the tuning, but unfortunately the lack of number is difficult to track. The tuning stimulus catches people's ears more, but it is more resistant to hearing when approaching peace. Calculate their own benefits.

In terms of quality, 225 is slightly stronger than HD25, and it can be roughly classified into the HD600 level.

225 does not require high driving force, and direct push can produce good sound.

Another point worth mentioning. I lent the SR225i to several classmates who did not burn headphones. All of them were using mobile phones or computers. They actually said that "this headset is really good." This surprised me, because before they all had no feeling of good headphones and bad headphones.

Later thought, this should be because this headset, although the sound field is not large but very three-dimensional, low-frequency is very powerful, the frequency of voice Goethe's tone is also very good to hear. The other thing is that, compared to more advanced headsets, this is only a bit confusing, and the inclusion of scum recordings will be better.

However, in my opinion, the shortcomings are also very clear, that is, the transparency is not very good, just slightly stronger than the fully enclosed HD25. According to other Goethe experiences, higher and thicker earmuffs should be improved. In addition, the more exciting version of the tuning can also improve some of the permeability.

Then talk about RS2e.

The RS2e penetration is obviously better than the SR225i, but I don't feel like RS1i's ears are more than the RS1i I played before.

Low frequency is very flexible and powerful, with a moderate sense of volume. The owner said that the original earmuffs were more irritating at high frequencies, and the earmuffs were softer after changing the earmuffs. I really did not have the feeling that the high frequencies would be very stimulating... But I originally had good tolerance for high frequencies, and many people at RS1i said that they were stimulating. I'm enjoying it

What is worth mentioning is the midrange. The voice of the original wooden barrel was very poisonous. I think the RS2e is thicker than the previous RS1i. At the same time, the overall voice is less irritating and the voice is more resistant. Several fans went to Anrun to hear and listened to the RS1e, RS2e, and PS500e. In the end, the RS2e actually sounded more comfortable.

RS2e is also a good headphone with direct push. Compared to the mojo, the H1.2 is slightly improved, but I think it's better to listen to the voices when using mojo. The original machine tried a lot of collocations, but usually the HM901S was equipped with a glory card 3 or a small portable player.

On the whole, these two headsets are relatively unpopular because of positioning problems, but they are all headphones that are worth trying. If there is a chance, it is not necessary to follow the mainstream of the general public. These two may be more appropriate.

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