Please install a signal for your home router

When the Internet has entered the tens of millions of households and smart phones are becoming more and more popular today, wireless WIFI has become an indispensable part of daily life. So what is Wi-Fi? It is a technology that allows electronic devices to connect to a wireless local area network (WLAN), typically using 2.4G UHF or 5G SHF ISM radio frequency bands. In this way, smart devices can use WIFI to complete data access, and they can also allow wireless smart communication to be everywhere. However, when a family gets bigger and bigger, the wireless router is getting up and down, and it becomes weaker. Many children's shoes will be added via a wireless router. To solve this problem, in fact, there is a more convenient solution, that is, adding a wireless repeater is the perfect solution, Dashuai for everyone is to win the product | wireless. Relay Po |

|Wireless.Relay Po|Products exist to solve the big house small WIFI signal problems, it does not mean that the wireless routing signal, it will be unable to reach the router, it is completed, let the signal follow you go, just A simple set of steps, so that the signal is full of room, no longer a dream.

| Wireless. Relay Po | Wireless Bandwidth: 300Mbps, which means you can use your WIFI signal to cross two walls. Solve the problem of playing games, watching theatrical dramas, and moving around mobile phones. There was once an artifact known as a WIFI amplifier. Dashuai used it for a while and really felt it was normal, so it was replaced with a wireless relay.

|Wireless.Relay Po | can be paired with a wireless router at a high speed, but the premise is that the wireless router must have a WAP function, if not, you need to set it up patiently. If you have a network cable, you can directly insert the network cable to set it.

|Wireless. Relay Po | 5dBi Spiral Dual Antenna, using high-quality copper spiral coil, the speed can be stronger and launch farther. The Internet has said that adding a Coke bottle to the router line can increase the wireless route signal. This, Marshal has not tested it. Can it really be achieved? Tried children's shoes, you can talk with Marshal, is it possible? But | wireless. Relay Po | can really help increase signal coverage.

| Wireless. Relay Po | Actually the most capricious place, not how it can make your signal up to how powerful, its 0 step setting, is its most willful place, that is, you only need one phone, no need You hands-on, product wins will send professional staff to set up for you home | wireless. Relay Po |, this wayward wayward? How to enhance the home WIFI signal, in fact, is to be so capricious! No need 4 ~ 5K high-cost routing, just add a | wireless. Relay Po |, let your home big house, but also big information. | Wireless. Relay Po | It is so wayward!

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