TV box how to check the IP address? Manually set fixed IP tutorial

Most commonly used software for TV boxes/network set-top boxes is based on the P2P protocol. Careful partners may find that these software will occupy a lot of bandwidth, and even affect the normal use of computers and mobile phones. If we want to limit the speed, we must know the IP address of the box. Since the IP that is dynamically acquired changes from time to time, to limit the speed of the TV box, manually setting the IP address is the best choice.

To set up an independent IP, we must first understand the IP address of the network where the TV box is located. We can quickly find out the IP information of the current network through the automatically obtained IP.

The specific method is: open the box settings - network - wireless network - click on [router name], and then manually note the box's automatically obtained IP address, gateway and DNS.

Take Alibaba Cloud's TV box as an example to demonstrate the universal tutorial for setting fixed IP for TV boxes. This generic tutorial is applicable to smart TV boxes using Ali system and Android system.

1. Open Settings - Select the [Network] option and click the OK button.

2, select the wireless network (if your TV box / network set-top box is connected to the cable, then choose a wired network)

3. Select the name of the router that clicks on your home, as shown in the figure:

4, change the IP acquisition mode to manual, some TV boxes only display [manual mode on/off], we choose to open.

Select and refer to the automatic parameters of the IP parameters: Modify/Enter IP Address, Subnet Mask, Gateway, and DNS.

As shown in FIG:

IP address:

Subnet mask: (normal network is generally

Gateway: (that is, the router's login IP address)

DNS: (If you do not know how much the local DNS, it is the same as the gateway by default)

5, refer to the above parameters to enter the corresponding information (note that the above bold part must all fill in).

Save and exit the settings, then manually set the TV box fixed ip is complete, Android TV box settings and Alibaba Cloud OS is similar to the same is to open the settings, and then find the network, manually enter the IP information.

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