The sofa butler plays "If the landlords" send millet boxes 3!

Sand powder everyone! Once again, the Rugao Games will bring benefits to everyone. This time brings you to an exclusive event such as Landlords!
"If the landlords" first mobile phone card, television card mode, no longer have to use the remote control little bit!
Support local multiplayer, networking mode! The number of AI is not enough! National network hot PK!
Now play "If you landlord", there are opportunities to get a huge gift of millet box 3 and iQIYI membership card!

Activity One

Activity time:
May 7, 2016 - May 15, 2016

1. Grabbing lucky players 10 House iQiyi TV version membership card (month card)

Event Details:

1. Search and download "Rugao Landlord" in the sofa butler

2, take a picture of the game, attach the id

3, share "Sofa Manager playing" such as landlords "Send millet box 3! +" to smart TV related QQ group (Sofa Housekeeper related Except for groups, screenshots with id attached

4, the above two pictures + sofa butler play "if the landlords" send millet box 3! Reply to this post, participate in grab the building, that is, 10 lucky players will get iQIYI membership card!
The first floor is an example

5. The 308th floor, the 608th floor, the 808th floor, the 1008th floor, the 1208th floor and the five secret floors have won the prize!
Secret (266 Bytes, Downloads: 1)

Activity two
Event prizes:
Landlord Grand Prix Champion Box 3

Landlord Grand Prix 2-10 Ichiyi TV Version Membership Card (Month Card)

Event Details:

In the "Rugao Shen Palm" mobile phone side to participate in "point I grab millet box 3" activities!

Bind account, play cards, start Grand Prix trip!

At the end of the event, the leaderboard of the leaderboard gets 3 of the millet boxes!
No. 2-10, Iqiyi TV version membership card!
At the same time, we also provide classic casual games such as "Rugao Gobang", "Mushroom Jumping" and "Russian Tetris" to support multiplayer mode. Come and experience it!

1. Each person can reply up to 30 posts; up to 5 consecutively.
2. Each person can receive a maximum of one prize. If multiple prizes are awarded, the highest one shall prevail; others will be delayed;
3. After the event is over, the winners will be announced within three working days and publicized for three days. The winner will be awarded after no objection.
4. The winners need to join the sofa network activity group: the group number is 426470841.
5. Please get the winner within 3 days to submit personal information through the forum to the sofa forum moderator: Mi Xue sister. Must be submitted in the following manner for statistical convenience.
6. Attached secret floor encryption zip package, announced after the zip package password activity.


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