Speed ​​up triple play: next year may usher in "Internet TV year"

Recently, the three-network integration plan, which has been promoted for more than 10 years, has finally accelerated. With the 10 times increase in free broadband speeds, industry insiders predict that China will enter the first year of Internet TV development after the official implementation of the triple play next year.

Broadband: free internet speed upgrade or pave the way for triple play

Recently, the aftermath of the broadband access antitrust investigation has not gone away, and broadband users have experienced a free lunch, which has increased the speed of the Internet by 10 times for free.

The reporter learned that the replaced broadband users can enjoy up to 30M fiber broadband for free. This also made netizens who have always experienced "Turtle Speed" can't help but sigh: "It's a night to enter a new era!" The speed of the Internet has soared, which is definitely great news for users. However, some insiders said that increasing the speed of the network is a part of the telecommunications business.

According to a report released by the National Committee of Experts on Information Technology, as of 2010, China's average broadband Internet access rate ranked 71 in the world, less than one-tenth of the average level of more than 30 countries in the United Kingdom, Japan and other economic cooperation organizations. However, the average access cost of one trillion per second is 3-4 times the average level in developed countries. With high fees and poor service, this imbalance has not existed for a year or two.

Broadcast Control: After the platform layout is completed, the network TV is gaining momentum

The speed-up of the triple play is not only reflected in the broadband upgrade. The release of Internet TV-related regulatory documents and the completion of the Internet TV integrated broadcast control platform also indicate that the results of the triple play will be revealed in 2012.

The reporter learned that the seven Internet TV platforms that were accepted by the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television are: CNTV, BesTV, Southern Media, Huashu, CIBN of China International Radio and Television Station, Hunan Radio and Television and CNBN of the Central People's Broadcasting Station-Central Radio and Television Network station.

At present, CNTV's integrated Internet TV broadcast control platform has been completed, and the call sign is "Chinese Internet TV". CIBN's Internet TV platform will be officially launched in early 12th. BesTV claims to have built a new media platform for cross-screen and cross-terminal integration such as IPTV, Internet TV, mobile TV, network video, and mobile Internet. The established strategic direction of Huashu is "one cloud, multiple screens".

Terminal: Foreign brands are striving to push new Internet TV products

With the completion of the initial construction of these Internet TV platforms, major TV brand manufacturers can't sit still. The well-known brand Samsung is convenient to announce that it has entered the final stage of negotiations with Google to launch Google TV products.

Yin Fugen, head of Samsung ’s TV business, said that Samsung plans to launch GoogleTV TV products next year, which will be different from its competitors. It is understood that Google TV currently uses Sony ’s TVs and Logitech ’s set-top boxes. After purchase, consumers can access Internet content on the TV and watch it, as well as dedicated applications such as video games.

Apple, which has just emerged from the shadow of Steve Jobs's death, also announced on the 15th of this month that it will launch an Apple TV designed by Guilherme M. Schasiepen. According to the designer, this Apple TV is quite different from the TVs on the market. It is an interactive TV, which is more interactive.

Terminal: Domestic manufacturers follow up the concept of "cloud" and become the main

Compared with the high-profile entry of foreign well-known brands into the Internet TV field, the recent domestic TV manufacturers are slightly low-key. However, before this, the first-tier brands in the domestic TV industry such as Skyworth), Hisense, and Changhong have successively announced that they will launch smart TVs and focus on the "cloud" concept. It is understood that some brands will begin mass production at the end of this year.

Looking at the Internet TV launched by many brands at present, the reporter noticed that in addition to the main concept of "cloud", Internet TV with multiple functions including audio, entertainment, Internet, video, etc., will give the Internet industry and online video The industry has a huge impact.

Competition: Adapting to the three-network converged video website and holding hands with satellite TV

For the impact of the integration of the three networks, some insiders believe that online video sites will be the first to be impacted. The reporter noticed that the major video websites have realized this at present, and have begun to strengthen cooperation with various satellite TV stations.

"Just a few years ago, each video website was eager to clarify the difference from TV. Now there is basically no difference except for the lines behind it." At the 2011 iResearch Annual Summit held recently, the general manager of Sohu Video Marketing Strategy Center Cao Yongshou pointed out that with the dual-screen integration of computer and TV, the audience of online video is already close to the audience. Especially in first-tier cities, the arrival rate of online video is equal to that of TV, with a coincidence rate of 74%.

"When covering young groups, television has become a supplement to online video." Cao Yongshou said. The reporter learned that, at the moment, major video websites including Sohu Video, Jidian.com, LeTV.com, etc. have all regarded "Taiwan Interactive" as a major business focus.

A few days ago, the General Administration of Radio, Film and Television issued the "Opinions on Further Strengthening the Management of TV Comprehensive Channels", suggesting that each star channel will be limited to seven types of programs, such as marriage and involvement, from January 1, 2012; The total number of broadcasts of the above genres from 30:30 to 10:00 is also under stricter control.

Regarding the implementation of this measure, a senior executive of a video website stated that this has also created new opportunities for the new stage of network interaction and even the complementary linkage between the Internet and TV stations.

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