Think twice about outdoor small spacing, create a new blue sea with small pitch LED display

Undoubtedly, in the past two years, the small-pitch LED display has truly become the “pig on the tuyere”, and the dot spacing record has been continuously refreshed, reaching 0.8mm and 0.7mm . Enterprises have shifted their focus to the research and development and production of smaller-pitch products, striving to “no minimum, only smaller”, which has caused the relative technological surplus of small-pitch LED displays to a certain extent . Different from the situation that the indoor space is oversupply, the development of outdoor small-pitch led display has several technical bottlenecks, which are prohibitive for many development companies because of its high difficulty and high risk.

With the advancement of technology and the constant pursuit of display effects, such as outdoor advertising, the outdoor led display has higher requirements, not only high brightness, but also can withstand the sun and rain and the wind and salt spray. To achieve a wider perspective, more vivid colors and clearer details.

Using patented technology, think twice about the small distance and take the lead

In 2014 , Shanghai Sansi National's first outdoor P4 products, the current outdoor LED display point spacing has reached 3mm , with P6 , P5 , P4 , P3 and other product specifications. Through more than 20 years of continuous research, Shanghai Sansi outdoor small-pitch products have achieved the highest level of protection, and the country's first to achieve "outer glass", the technology has obtained national invention patents. Not only realizes the arbitrary area of ​​the display, but also overcomes the problem that the heat dissipation and mirror superposition affect the viewing effect, prolonging the service life of the display and enhancing the reliability.

Think twice about outdoor small pitch products for close-up viewing. The information transmission of the grounding gas eliminates the strangeness of the LED display's rejection of thousands of miles. It can also be integrated with the trend factors such as 4G and touch screen to facilitate human-computer interaction. It is widely used in venues, units, shopping malls, parks, bridges and roads. Such fields have become an important window for the image to be displayed.

Shanghai Sansi Outdoor Small Spacing Products has many successful cases. Among them, the Jiangsu Radio and TV project under construction adopts Sansi outdoor P6 products, imported die, with a total area of 486 m2; Wujiang Radio and TV and Changzhou Radio and TV P5 products, respectively, more than 300 and more than 50 ; Shanghai Education System P4 outdoor screen has been invested Operation, P3 project is also in preparation.

Market-oriented, breaking homogenization

Starting from Mr. Chen Bishou's first stock market analysis screen, Shanghai Sansi is known for its keen market sense. This time, the development of outdoor small spacing is also derived from the accurate analysis of the market.

On the one hand, think twice should not blindly pursue smaller spacing, but do a good job of small-pitch technology, put product quality first, and win customer trust. On the other hand, it is necessary to open up the outdoor small-pitch market and avoid the serious homogenization of small-pitch LED displays, which will win new growth points for enterprises.

The thinking of thinking twice is very meaningful. Just because we are not blindly following the trend and adhering to the principle of quality first, Shanghai Sansi can repeatedly enter New York Times Square, in stark contrast to the quality of the products on the market. At the same time, because of the wide range of outdoor small-diameter display applications and the substitution effect on the original advertising forms, Sansi grasps the market demand for image establishment, advertising and environmental beautification, and further expands the market share of outdoor small-pitch segments. , enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises.

With the continuous deepening of the scale of LED display, outdoor small-pitch LED display will inevitably become more close to the people. Shanghai Sansi further caters to the application needs of digital signage display terminals, better for media publicity, welcome display of corporate malls and The introduction of the entrance of the park venue will create a new blue sea with small-pitch LED display. I believe that Sansi will bring us one surprise after another in the future.

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