Philips Lumileds launches high-power LED product LUXEON C

Topic: Technology Recently, Philips Lumileds added a new member to LUXEON's high-power LED product line, LUXEON c, to meet the lighting industry's need for smaller, more powerful long-life LEDs for use in appliances such as refrigerators, freezers and washing machines. Applications.

In the past, traditional appliances, tools, and portable lighting applications typically used 10 to 40 watts of traditional light bulbs, while LUXEON c enabled tens of millions of such applications to use more efficient, economical, and environmentally friendly lighting solutions. For users, LUXEON c can reduce operating costs, reduce energy consumption, and provide a better experience for owners.

Frank Harder, vice president of product marketing, said: "At present, there are hundreds or even thousands of different lighting applications with their own unique light source requirements. We have two goals: first, to provide customers with solutions to their solutions. More meaningful to their business; second, let them rethink their designs and take advantage of the small size and power of our LUXEON LEDs to create more value than the original bulb solution."

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