The main problems in the development of semiconductor lighting energy-saving industry

(1) Lack of patents and core technologies. At present, the mainstream technology patents for semiconductor lighting are mostly controlled by developed countries, and the patent risks faced by enterprise development are increasing. The core equipment MOCVD (Metal Organic Source Chemical Vapor Deposition Equipment) is basically dependent on imports. Insufficient investment in R&D, lack of long-term mechanism to support basic theoretical research, common technology research and development platform is still not perfect, and key technology research and development has not formed synergy.

(2) The overall level of the industry is low. There are more than 3,000 semiconductor lighting manufacturers in China, 70% of which are concentrated in the downstream industry, and the technical level and product quality are uneven. Domestic LED epitaxial materials and chips are mainly in the middle and low range, and more than 80% of power LED chips and devices are imported. The small scale of the enterprise, the low concentration, and the indeterminate product are not conducive to the formation of competitive advantages and well-known brands.

(3) Standards and testing systems have not been established. The development of testing equipment, testing methods and standards development cannot meet the requirements of rapid industrial development. The construction of standards and testing systems for semiconductor lighting products needs to be improved. The authoritative testing platform has not yet been established, and it is impossible to conduct quality evaluation or certification for existing semiconductor lighting products.

(4) The phenomenon of low-level blind investment is serious. At present, many places regard the semiconductor lighting energy-saving industry as a key industry for development, and increase support. However, there are also blind investment and low-level construction. Some local governments blindly renovate road lighting regardless of economic benefits and over-invest in landscape lighting. Leading to disorderly competition in the industry, the quality of products is mixed, the waste of resources is serious, affecting consumer confidence, and is not conducive to the healthy development of the industry.

1. LED Down Light have higher efficiency and energy-saving compared to conventional fluorescents which are equal bright, and consumes 70-80% less energy
2. No RF interference, no buzzing noise, no UV radiation
3. No fluorescent flickering
4. No hazard of mercury or lead entering the environment
5. Low power consumption, high intensity, low lumen attenuation
6. Recessed mounted, maintenance free, easy installation
7. Solid- state, high shock/ vibration resistant
8. Adopting low- pressure constant current power supply, no glare, it indeed achieves soft luminescence, stabilization, continuity, and approximate natural light, which is a perfect light source
9. Milky glass cover or PC cover with transmission rate at 92%
10. Good quality and good heat dissipation
11. Different kinds of base for your choice, make it convenient for replacement, also have a wide coverage for the power and voltage
12.CE & RoHS Approval
13. Applications:
1) Recess lighting, Shelf Lighting, Ceiling /Wall Coves
2) Cabinet and under counter lighting, Office work station
3) Back lighting, Step Lighting, Light boxes
4) Merchandising, Exhibition stands and panels.

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