Samsung Electronics announces mass production of 3D TV panels

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Samsung Electronics, a leader in panel display technology and digital media products, today announced that it has become the world's first mass-produced 3D LED TV and LCD TV company.

According to WONKIE CHANG, manager of Samsung's LCD business unit, "The recent 3D display technology has become the darling of the industry. Samsung Electronics will lead the international 3D TV panel market and become a pioneer in mass production of 3D LED and LCD TVs."

At present, Samsung Electronics produces LCD and LED 40-inch, 46-inch, 55-inch full-screen HD 3D TV compatibility panels, which can be used to display Samsung's exclusive technology true 240 Hz.

Samsung true 240Hz technology can present 2D FULL-HD high-definition image experience, while also allowing 3D dynamic FULL-HD high-definition image performance to come to life.

Samsung's application of 240 frames per second of true 240 Hz technology enables Samsung panels to deliver images that are closer to real life. 3D Active Glasses also exchanges images of the left and right eyes.

Samsung's technology reduces the response time of LCD and LED panels by 20%, which is less than 4 milliseconds, reducing the interference between the left and right eyes. With this technology, Samsung can transmit Lifelike 3D images also deliver extremely sharp motion pictures.

Samsung 3D Active Glasses technology, causing a short visual pause. When the image is displayed on both eyes, it will present an excellent 3D image. The term 3D Active Glasses is the official term used by the Glasses Standardization Working Group of the Consumer Electronics Association.

The technology of polarized glasses is first used in 3D glasses, which can produce different images for the left and right eyes, so that the image recognition power is only half. Only half of the screen can be seen through the polarized filter. Because of the polarization filter, the brightness will be reduced.

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