The ancient capital of lighting, the ancient town wants to build an international "LED CITY"

On the 23rd, the reporter learned from the "328" Zhongshan Service Industry Tour that Guzhen proposed to build the world-famous "LEDCITY" and build the Chinese lighting capital into a world-famous "LEDCITY", becoming a model for domestic and international cities to brighten, save energy and reduce consumption. .

According to the plan of “LEDCITY” of lamps, in order to form the LED industry cluster of Guzhen, Guzhen will implement the layout construction of “one base, five centers and one demonstration project” to further expand the application field of LED technology and solar photovoltaic lighting industry, and cultivate and optimize lighting. The lighting industry chain promotes the coordinated development of traditional lighting and modern lighting, and has become a new growth point for the economic development of the ancient town.

The relevant person in charge of Guzhen Town said, “By 2012, the LED and solar photovoltaic lighting industry in the town will strive to reach 20 billion yuan, and cultivate 1~2 new energy enterprises with an annual output value of over 500 million yuan and 3~5 production value exceeding 100 million yuan. ."

It is understood that at the "328" Merchants Conference, the Guzhen People's Government will sign a contract with Macao Huahui Lighting & Lighting Engineering Co., Ltd., and invest in the construction of the International Lighting Mall by Macau Huahui Lighting & Lighting Engineering Co., Ltd. According to reports, the ancient town center business district is building a demonstration project for LED landscape lighting application, which is an initiative to implement the demonstration project of “Thousands of Miles” LED street lighting in Guangdong Province.

It will promote the development of characteristic tourism, energy-saving city construction and LED lighting technology, and gradually realize the upgrade of “China Lighting Capital” to “World Lighting Capital”.

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