At a glance, I understand what is the home theater stereo image and surround feeling.

I can understand at a glance what is the home theater stereo image and surround feeling

Often people can't figure out the relationship between stereo image and surround feeling. In fact, the problem is very simple, that is, the stereo image is part of the sense of envelopment. Again, as the relationship between location and the environment, location is part of the environment. Let's take a look at it in detail:

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The stereo image plays a very important role in the overall design of the acoustic space. The sound field in front of a well-designed home theater should be accurately positioned, and vocals, instruments, or any other source should occupy a specific position in the three-dimensional sound field. In this way, with other sound effects, you can design any specific scene, such as church, beach, etc., through acoustic design.

If you handle the stereo image correctly in a small room, you can let the sound tell you the position of the object in the movie, so that the sense of envelop can be presented and handled properly. Your small home theater can fully express the organ sound around the church, or It is a low-altitude F-14 fighter jet, which emits deafening noise on your head. In this way, we can restore the recording scene to the maximum extent, and let people feel the shock of the scene.


We collectively refer to this type of scene as a sense of envelopment. Then, next, in addition to the stereo image, let's further subdivide what is surrounded: China Home Theater Network ()

Depth: The sound field is a sound experience formed by a series of superimposed stereo images. The basic condition for the formation of the sound field is the environmental atmosphere. The farthest depth in the recorded program is the distance between the microphone and the farthest ambient sound and instrument.

Continuity: For multi-channel systems, the surround sound field should be seamless. The sound should be smooth and uninterrupted from front to back or from side to side.


Surround Sound Field Cohesion: This element refers to the frequency shift produced by the sound image turning in the sound field. The timbre transformation is difficult to solve because our ears produce a timbre change when the sound changes from a vertical or horizontal orientation.

The sound system should be able to restore all the sound image positions in the recorded signal in a three-dimensional space, and the position of these sound images can be easily located by the listeners. The individual sound images in the recorded signal combine to form a circular sound field that surrounds the audience.

The correct sense of envelopment requires that the sound field be seamlessly connected in 360 degrees, and there is no area in the sound field that is too high or too low due to incorrect speaker level setting or misplacement. The sense of encirclement requires a three-dimensional stereo field, but the most important thing is to create an environmental sound field.

Finally, let's talk briefly about when it will create a sense of envelopment?


1: lack of sound absorbing materials or sound absorbing materials using too much wall will greatly damage the sense of envelopment

2: Any speaker is too close to a certain audience or some viewers, or the volume is too large will destroy the sense of envelopment

3: Any listener who is too close to a monopole speaker will produce a point source effect

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