Development and Reform Commission will carry out price inspections in the coal field

Polaris thermal power network news: National Development and Reform Commission deputy director Peng Sen at the 23rd in the national price supervision and inspection and anti-monopoly work conference said that next year will further promote the anti-monopoly price enforcement, special pricing price rectification, improve the market price regulation regulations.

The National Development and Reform Commission stated that next year it will continue to severely crack down on price frauds, price collusion, hoarding, profiteering, price dispersal, price increase, and other illegal activities. It will investigate and punish price monopolies that exclude and restrict competition and organize special inspections of commercial bank fees. Seriously clean up issues such as unreasonable charges and additional loan conditions.

In addition, the National Development and Reform Commission will organize price checks on coal, medical and health services, education, and other fields, strengthen the study of the rules governing the liberalization of prices of goods and services, and refine and improve the standards and penalties for determining price violations.

According to data from the National Development and Reform Commission, from January to November, the national competent department of price at all levels investigated and punished 35,900 illegal price cases and imposed 1.688 billion yuan in economic sanctions. Among them, the consumer returned 238 million yuan, confiscation of illegal income of 1.281 billion yuan, a fine of 169 million yuan.

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