Taiwan Watch Division's Q4 consolidated revenue season decreased by 17% last year. Q1 is expected to be weak in the off-season.

The Taiwan Watch Division announced that its consolidated revenue for December was 3.472 billion Taiwan dollars, a decrease of 1.74% from the previous month. The annual growth rate was about 0.52%. The fourth quarter consolidated revenue was NT$10.704 billion, a decrease of 17%, which was lower than the legal person. It is expected that the accumulated annual consolidated revenue will be NT$46.42 billion, with an annual growth rate of 14.44%.

Looking forward to this year, the Taiwan Watch Division said that the current order visibility is not high, but benefited from the LED Light Bar demand incentives, the first quarter will not go down again, it is estimated that the opportunity is flat or slightly increased compared with the fourth quarter of last year. Within %, it is expected to show a low season.

According to the Taiwan Watch Division, the global economy is uncertain. At present, the visibility of orders can only be seen in early March. It is still impossible to fully grasp the situation in the first quarter. The Taiwan Watch Division has become the global LED Light Bar assembly and assembly factory. The proportion will be about 45-48%. Looking forward to this year, the Taiwan Watch Division will continue to develop new products, including LED lighting and the layout of the rear lighting manufacturing. Overall, this year's consolidated revenue will continue to pursue growth and hope to surpass last year's growth. Amplitude.


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