Sensor transformation to high-end

The development of industry can not be separated from the driving of high-performance products. At the same time, the development of products must also rely on changes in the economic and industrial situation. In recent years, more and more manufacturers specialize in producing and manufacturing sensors. We have to admit that regardless of product features or service quality, users simply do not know what to choose based on the introduction of manufacturers.

China's sensor market has been dominated by foreign brands, and it is already difficult for domestic brands to occupy a place. The majority of domestic brands of sensor manufacturers are mainly low-end products. Although China's industrial automation started relatively late, its development speed is staggering. More and more companies have chosen “going out” and facing fierce competition in the international market, accuracy and efficiency have become necessary conditions for the production of enterprises. To achieve this, it depends on automation technology.

As the needs of users continue to increase, the challenges posed to automation vendors have become more and more severe. High-precision control and rapid service response are no longer possible, and have become a necessary condition for sensor manufacturers to survive in the market competition. The results of such changes cannot be generalized, and the results of the two sides will eventually await us. Firstly, due to the advanced technology and complete functions of foreign brand sensors, high-end manufacturing is inseparable from them, making it develop better. Chinese industry will also lead to higher peaks because of the guidance of these products. Second, foreign brands are getting better and better, but domestic brands will gradually be eliminated by the market due to their outstanding performance. The end result is that the Chinese sensor market is overwhelmed by foreign brands, and China’s independent innovation will be taken aback.

Why did this happen? As early as the beginning of China's industry, the automation products of foreign brands had matured. At this time, Chinese industry only considered the "taken" approach and developed a huge industrial system as quickly as possible. However, with the gradual development of Chinese industry, companies with independent innovation consciousness have gradually emerged, and the dream of wanting to compete with international big brands has also become a reality. The contradiction of choosing a foreign brand or a domestic brand is full of many companies and even many industries. Having a "China Core" in high-end products is the dream that Chinese automakers are always looking for, but the domestic brands of Monaco can only make people give up after their dreams are shattered.

The development of sensors tends to be intelligent. This is an indisputable fact. While Chinese automation companies cannot restrict the development of foreign brands, they can only adhere to their own convictions and work towards a successful goal.

About Bare Wire


    Application: Suitable for manufacturing electric motors, windings of electrical equipment, automobile electrical rotors, installation and distribution equipment and other electrical fields.

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Bare Copper Wire




Rectangular: Thickness(a): 0.90 ~ 5.60

           Width(b): 3.15 ~ 16.00




160 kg~180 kg ply-wood spool(250*500; 250*600)


Suitable for manufacturing electric motors, windings of electrical equipment, automobile electrical rotors, installation and distribution equipment and other electrical fields.

   Bare wire includes Copper Bar and Aluminium bar

Bare Wire

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