High-tech Golden Globe Award Sprinting Ticket Network Real Name Vote Deadline October 31

[High- tech LED reporter Liu Wei] In 2013, the LED industry experienced profound changes. On the one hand, some small and medium-sized lighting and display companies were struggling due to the fact that low-end products could no longer accept the selection of the market, and even fell into a closed and closed situation. On the other hand, listed companies and enterprises above designated size hold high the banner of LED lighting brands, and they have seized channels.

This year, the entire LED industry has shown a distinct development trend.

In this context, the annual LED industry authority grand ceremony - the high-tech Golden Globe Awards will not only scouring the industry, but also establish a brand benchmark effect.

The reporter learned from the selection committee that the selection of the 4th High-tech Golden Globe Awards in 2013 has entered the stage of the real-name voting on the Internet from September 1 and will continue until October 31.

This year's Golden Globe Awards will continue to use the industry-wide participation in real-name voting, and the selection process will be fair and transparent. Compared with last year, while retaining the "Year of LED Good Products" selection, it also added two "China's Top Ten LED Lighting Brands" and "China's LED Lighting Excellent Distributors" to promote terminal channels and consumers. Recommend a brand of LED lighting with credibility, select high-quality dealers for LED lighting companies. At the same time, on the basis of last year's participation in the voting for the company to obtain the high-cost LED lighting exhibition booth fee concessions, this year, Gaogong LED has taken out the exhibition fund of up to 2.6 million yuan to give back to the participating companies to vote for the Golden Globe Award.

Prior to this, during the period from July to September, the Golden Globe Awards had been recruited in 8 cities including East China and South China for the annual LED good product selection to help more outstanding LED companies pass the Golden Globe Award. The platform demonstrates brand and technical strength.

Since September 1st, LED products have been selected (more than 21 awards in materials and accessories, chips, devices and equipment). More than 1,000 industry companies have landed: http:// .php, vote for the best suppliers in your mind.

The selection of lamps and lanterns is based on the G20-LED lighting product specification. At present, hundreds of companies have signed up and sent products to participate in the selection. In order to objectively reflect the quality and performance of the company's own brand lighting products, Gaogong LED will entrust third-party incentive testing to strictly test the lighting products. At that time, the comprehensive detection indicators will enter the top three lighting products, and will enter the Golden Globe Awards on the evening of November 26th.

In China's top ten LED lighting brand selection, the "High-tech LED Lighting Channel" magazine nationwide station reporters have visited the channel for three months, and have invited more than 2,500 dealers, engineering design and decoration units and designers. The top ten LED lighting brands voted. At present, the organizing committee is in the stage of vote entry and verification. At the end of September, the industry can visit the high-tech LED network () to check the number of votes obtained by each brand in real time.

The second round of real-name voting on the Internet has begun and will continue until October 31. At that time, the brand with the highest number of online tickets will enter the 2013 Gaogong Golden Globe Awards on-site competition held in Guangzhou on November 26.

LED good product selection (materials and supporting, chip, device, equipment category 21 awards) network real name voting address:


China's top ten LED lighting brand selection network real name voting address:


At the same time, China's LED lighting excellent dealers selected, through the previous high-tech LED in the provinces of 29 provinces, the resident reporters in-depth store survey, comprehensive business area, turnover, number of agents, power and visibility, from the national 3000 Among the many distributors, the top 50 distributors in the country were selected.

On November 26th, the Golden Globe Awards Ceremony will be held in the Ballroom on the third floor of the Westin Guangzhou Canton Fair (the 2013 High-tech LED Lighting Exhibition and High-tech LED Conference will be held at the Poly Exhibition Hall). At that time, 500 invited LED CEOs will participate in the on-site voting session, casting a key vote for their outstanding LED supplier brands. At that time, the finalists will undergo a fierce 1-minute video clip PK and live voting, and finally decide the Golden Globe Award for each award.

The final of the 2013 Senior Engineer Golden Globe Awards, let us wait and see!

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