The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology pushes forward the development of optical communications

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology pushes forward the development of optical communication On the 8th, Miao Miao, Minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, gave a detailed introduction to the "Special Action Plan for the Intensive Integration of Informatization and Industrialization" (hereinafter referred to as "the Plan"). The "plan" requires that by 2018, the national level of integration development index reached 82. Miao Wei made the above remarks at the video teleconference in the year of industrial and information systems.

People in the industry believe that with the deepening of the integration of the two industries, the software, e-commerce, optical communications and other industries have huge room for growth.

In 2018, the national integration index reached 82

Miao Wei pointed out that China is in the process of industrialization and it is catching up with the historic opportunity for the development of informatization, and it must take the road to new-type industrialization with Chinese characteristics, which is an important connotation. Information technology is the most active, most stimulating, and most invasive field of innovation in today's era. The development and application of information technology is speeding up the profound transformation of production methods and development models with an unprecedented breadth and depth. Promoting the integration of the two industries will help us seize the historic opportunities brought about by industrial changes and seize the commanding heights of the development of a new round of industrial revolution.

Miao Miao said that according to the spirit of the leadership of the State Council, this year, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has begun to study and formulate an action plan for promoting the integration of the two in the medium and long term.

The goal of the "Plan" is that by 2018, the competitiveness of enterprises under the conditions of informatization will generally increase, the application of information technology and business model innovation will effectively promote the adjustment and upgrading of industrial structure, and the quality and efficiency of industrial development will be raised in an all-round manner. Level index reached 82.

Optical communication industry will maintain its prosperity

In order to adapt to the tide of industrial development, the "plan" also put forward clear requirements for the development of e-commerce.

The "plan" requires deepening the application of e-commerce in key industries, raising the level of industrial logistics informationization and supply chain synergies, and promoting the development and expansion of new types of productive service industries with third-party logistics and e-commerce platforms as the core, innovative business collaboration processes and value creation. The model improves the overall efficiency of the industry chain.

By 2018, the volume of business-to-business e-commerce (B2B) transactions will exceed 20 trillion yuan. The proportion of small and medium-sized enterprises that use e-commerce to carry out procurement and sales is 50%.

The realization of the above objectives cannot be separated from the upgrading of the information industry support services. To this end, the "plan" is clear, the construction of the next generation of information infrastructure, and the transformation of telecom operators to integrated information service providers.

In line with the implementation of the broadband China strategy, according to the special action requirements, the deployment and optimization of fiber optic networks, mobile communication networks, and wireless local area networks in industrial clusters will be accelerated and broadband information networks upgraded. Fully promote the integration and development of next-generation Internet and mobile Internet, Internet of things, and cloud computing, carry out trials and application demonstrations of existing network new technologies, promote the industrialization and wide application of TD-LTE intelligent terminals, and improve the capabilities of network services for industrial applications. .

Industry insiders believe that under the guidance of the "plan", local governments will give more investment in network infrastructure construction. With the rapid growth of infrastructure construction, it will also promote the rapid development of the optical communication industry.

Domestic software show their skills

In order to achieve these goals, the "plan" puts forward specific requirements for the decision-making of enterprises.

The "plan" requires that the competent authorities select typical enterprises, key industries, and key regions to carry out trials for the integration management system of enterprises, organize and guide enterprises to participate in the construction of integrated management systems, and establish national, industry, and regional collaborative promotion mechanisms. Promote the integration of the two management systems in the company. The decision-making information of enterprises cannot be separated from the support of software. In this process, domestic software will play an important role.

According to the introduction, most of the domestic enterprises currently adopt hardware and software products and solutions from foreign manufacturers, which may have implanted backdoors and loopholes and threaten the information security of domestic industrial systems. Before that, there have been various worms and Trojans that can attack industrial control systems and steal data, such as "" and "Flames." The recently exposed "Prism Gate" incident once again sounded the alarm for information security.

Experts believe that the application of domestically-manufactured software in the integration of manufacturing industries will help increase the control capacity and comprehensive service support capabilities in key areas and important areas of industrial systems, improve the information security level of industrial systems, and ensure the safety and reliability of industrial systems. Self-controllable.

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