LED Lighting Status and Design Trends

LED Lighting Status and Design Trends

With the rapid development of LED lighting, it has been widely used in outdoor lighting such as road lighting, landscape lighting, etc. The development and application of LED lighting has been rhythmically promoted to indoor lighting, namely general household lighting, commercial lighting, etc. Such a huge potential for lighting applications.

At present, the application of LED lamps and lanterns into the civilian lighting industry is getting deeper and deeper. Although LED lighting is mainly based on street lamps and commercial lighting, the LED panel lights with dimming and color matching functions and LED flat panel lamps are frequently used in the products. Attract people's attention. The price of LED is still a problem. As the most important factor hindering the promotion of LED, high prices have kept such new energy-saving and environmental-friendly lamps out of the civilian market. According to industry insiders, LDE lighting luminaires use sapphire as a chip substrate, and they have to use gold for their electrical conductivity. They have sufficient reason to become "noble lamps".

The penetration rate in the LED lighting market is expected to reach 16.8% in 2015. The report also mentioned that under the stimulation of government policies, the penetration rate of household lighting and street lamps in LED applications will increase significantly. For example, the 12th Five-Year Plan in Mainland China and the LED subsidy policy in Taiwan, these subsidies also include commercial lighting. . LED bulbs and LED fluorescent tubes have also grown year by year in the Japanese market. The main reason is that after the major earthquake in March 2011, the Japanese government’s subsidy policies and energy-saving awareness have risen. At the same time, many new LED suppliers joined the war situation and soon began production. With the 500X500 micron chip size, the overall supply grew by 41% in 2011, but the demand grew by only 10%, creating an oversupply in 2011.

Trends in lighting design
<br> <br> With the entry of foreign capital, the lighting industry appeared internationalization of domestic competition situation, at the same time, the fourth generation of green energy semiconductor lighting lighting fixtures appear to bring unprecedented opportunities and challenges. It can be said that efforts to increase the development of energy-saving light sources and lamps of different grades, different styles, and different uses, and accelerate the development, application, and application of green and energy-saving light sources have become the focus of structural adjustment in China's lighting industry. So what are the development trends of lighting fixture design in the face of new light source LED?

energy saving. With the global energy crisis, environmental protection and energy conservation is not just a healthy lifestyle advocated by the government, but also a lifestyle attitude. Lighting, as one of the important sources of human energy consumption, has also received attention from the government and people's attention. Therefore, the design of lighting fixtures must embody environmental protection and energy conservation both in light sources and in design of materials, systems, electrical accessories, heat dissipation measures, and structures.

health. The luminaire refers to a device that can transmit light, distribute and change the light source distribution apparatus, and includes all the components required for fixing and protecting the light source except the light source, and the line accessories necessary for connecting with the power source. It can be said that lighting design ideas focus on lighting practical functions (including creating a visual environment, limiting glare, etc.), and to ensure durability of the protective layer. In general, lighting fixtures are designed to give people a healthy and comfortable lighting.

Intelligent. With the development of science and technology, some lamps can control light switches and dimming through mobile terminals, and some can also be controlled through various high-tech designs such as voice control and induction. In addition, they can also be created through intelligent lighting systems. Different situations give people a pleasant feeling. Therefore, the need for intelligent design to satisfy people's pursuit of convenience, enjoyment, and overall management has become the trend of lighting design.

Humanize. The humanization of lighting design refers to the design of lamps and lanterns based on the needs of people. It is based on human emotions and starts from the perspective of people to create a mood of illumination. It can be adjusted from the needs of people through light display form, range, brightness, color and other aspects to meet people's lighting needs.

With the development of light sources from incandescent lamps, fluorescent lamps, and HID to the fourth-generation green new energy LED, the lighting fixture industry is facing unprecedented opportunities and challenges. LED luminaire design heat dissipation, driving power and other issues test the technology of the enterprise, and the luminaire style design and other aspects also reflect corporate innovation. Therefore, faced with this opportunity and challenge, enterprises need to strengthen product development, market research, brand building, etc. to meet the LED lighting era.

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