09 Taiwan's key LED street lighting enterprise strategic layout research

In 2009, it can be said that the LED streetlight market has accelerated its expansion. At present, in addition to the start of the LED streetlights in various cities in mainland China, Taiwan has released many LED streetlights in addition to the domestic budget, including the United States and Europe. LED street lights have also been tried in a relatively large-scale way. These actions are intended to replace traditional street lights and to try to produce regional road lighting applications with renewable energy such as solar energy and wind power in areas where electricity is scarce.
Since the LED street lighting standard (CNS15233) in Taiwan was officially adopted in the second half of 2008, most of the LED specification data published by the current manufacturers are the initial values ​​measured by the Taiwan Industrial Technology Research Institute (IT RI). It is estimated that after Q2 2009, the list of LED street lights that have officially passed the CNS15233 road standard will be announced one after another. The maturity of the market and the willingness and progress of local governments will increase.
Viewpoints of current LED street lamp manufacturers, the initial value of luminous efficiency can pass the Class-3 level of the CNS15233 road standard (initial value ↑45Lm/W), and some manufacturers with better luminous efficiency can even reach Class-2 (initial) The value is L60Lm/W). However, most of the light sources used are LED components of foreign manufacturers (such as Osram, Cree, Nichia, etc.) to meet current standards.
Under the circumstance that trade protectionism is likely to recover, it can be foreseen that in many government engineering projects, if the conditions limit LED streetlight components and components need domestic self-made, it will have a major test for existing street lamp manufacturers. In addition, the current street lamp bidding competition is fierce. If it needs to stand out in the bidding case, most of them need low price bidding. However, street lamp manufacturers that need to comply with specifications and adopt foreign LED components, LED components account for 40-50% of the total cost of LED Lamp heads, manufacturers are difficult to profit. Therefore, unless the price of foreign LED components drops significantly, it is only possible to meet the LED streetlight standards by relying on domestic manufacturers to improve product specifications.
Although China and Taiwan both use public works to support local LED-related businesses at this stage, the street lamp market has a lot of imagination, but it is not a long-term solution to induce manufacturers to lose money to bid for low prices. While the government has released orders, it should also consider how to foster domestic LED-related operators to improve product specifications and technological autonomy, which is the benign development of the industry.

Delta: Integrating the power of the Power Supply device, the LED up-and-coming power supply manufacturer Delta Electronics has launched a full range of LED Lighting products to showcase its achievements in the environmental protection and energy-saving industry. Among them, Delta Electronics has released two LED street lights, which have excellent performance in luminous efficiency.
The SLDT series adopts modular design, and the LED light source adopts the LED of foreign big manufacturers. The luminous efficiency of the lamp is still up to 65Lm/W after 1000 hours of defrost lighting test, and the powerfactor is up to 0.97. In Taiwan's LED street lamp standard, it can reach The Class-2 standard is currently installed in Taoyuan and Yilan.
Another SLDN series of 120W LED street lights is an LED street light made entirely by the Chinese. Developed jointly by Delta Electronics and Qihao Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. This streetlight adopts Qiwei Optoelectronic's 10W COB package LED assembly. It can use the separate design heat pipe to dissipate heat, and also invites experts to design in the appearance, successfully blending the aesthetics and heat dissipation requirements.
Xinyuan Sheng: The LED street lamp manufacturer with a lot of thermal patent technology is located in the five-share Xinyuansheng. Like its English name Thermoking, the core competitiveness of the company with unique heat dissipation technology is also quite good in the LED street lamp market. Praise. Xinyuansheng uses the thermal average temperature super-speed conduction technology to evenly distribute the heat generated by the LED, so that the temperature difference of each LED chip is within plus or minus 1 °C. The lamp series has a unique dust-proof protection design, which faces the heat-dissipating structure to the ground, prevents the dust from accumulating on the lamp and causes poor heat dissipation, and can avoid the light decay and burnout of the LED. At present, the design has applied for patents of various countries.
In addition, Xinyuansheng LED street light cooperates with OSRAM to adopt OSRAM's Golden DRAGON Plus LED chip. The chip efficiency is above 90lm/w, and the luminous efficiency after application is up to 50Lm/W.

Zhongmeng Optoelectronics: LED street lamp manufacturer with luminous efficiency. The former team of UMC and China Electric has invested in a full range of LED street lighting products. The specifications range from 24W with solar and wind power to general roads. 140W street light products. In the LED streetlight demonstration project in Taipei City a few months ago, the 101W LED street light was shown as an example. The total output lumen was 7156.2lm. The initial luminous efficiency was as high as 71lm/w, which was the first shift in the measurement of ITRI. Manufacturer; LED part uses 96 Nichia083 (BT), Powerfactor up to 0.98.
In the secondary optics design, the lens is used to enhance the light distribution curve and enhance the illumination. And for the lighting requirements of lanes and sidewalks, the large-angle batwing optical configuration is adopted in the direction of the vehicle. The maximum vertical angle of one side is up to 62.5 degrees, and the height of the pole is up to four times the width of the light. The inside to the outside of the road is used. The unique asymmetric light design effectively configures the proportion of light inside and outside the road. Under the traditional pole configuration, the spacing and angle can be changed to meet the various specifications of the CNS.
Yangjie Technology: Yang Jie Technology, a LED thermal expert using space technology, was established in 2005. Specializes in LED lighting, optics, mechanism, electronic control and other technologies, and is the first LED lamp manufacturer in Taiwan to obtain CE, CQC, UL and other traditional street lamp safety certification for LED street lamps. The company's LED street lamp cooling technology was introduced by the University of Taiwan's Professor Huang Bingzhen from Ukraine to the space technology for the use of loop heat pipe technology, for the industry to adopt a passive cooling technology, the effect of which has been proved by the road test, Yang Jie Technology's lamp light attenuation Less than 3%.
Yang Jie currently has set up 111 100W LED street lights on Zhonggang Road in Taichung City, which is a relatively large scale LED street light project. The OSRAMLED used has a good illumination and uniformity of brightness and light distribution after the secondary optical design.

Pei Xin Semiconductor: Pei Xin Semiconductor, which has strong electronic control system and optical and mechanical integration capability, has excellent optical and mechanical integration capabilities. In addition to selling semiconductor equipment, the development focus in recent years is LED lighting. This year, the development focus is to become a full-scale LED. Lighting manufacturer.
Pei Xin's LED street light has many patents in secondary optical design. The long lens makes the light distribution curve wide enough and there is no glare problem. Pei Xin particularly emphasized that its electronic control system, combined with the electronic control system developed by the group's IC design company, can be used to monitor the maintenance of each LED street light in the plant area.
In addition, Pei Xin's LED street lights use Japanese-Asian LEDs, so the luminous efficiency and various lighting data also have excellent performance. At present, the main shipment area of ​​LED street lamps is mainland China, and the Italian market in Europe is also quite successful.
Zhen Mingli: Lighting overlord rushed to the national LED street light market lighting industry overlord Zhen Mingli also recently launched more than 100W high-efficiency energy-saving street lamps to attack China's LED street light market pie. The true Mingli LED street light is characterized by its optical design. Each LED is equipped with a reflector, which makes the light distribution of the whole lamp form a butterfly shape to control the illumination and avoid glare, and is beneficial to improve the illumination. In addition, the heat dissipation method places the heat dissipation fins on the outside of the lamp for natural convection, so there is no need to install a heat dissipation component such as a fan or a heat pipe, which helps to reduce the cost. At present, 100W LED street lights have been installed in Guangdong, Hunan and other regions.

Lianjia Optoelectronics: LED full-scale application of integrated road traffic signs and street lighting. Lianjia Optoelectronics, which has a large scale in the traffic signal market, has recently begun to cut into the field of LED street lamps. Its newly listed LED street lamps range from 30 watts to 180 watts. It is mainly used in poles from 4 meters to 12 meters high and can be used together with solar cells.
In the recent introduction of the 100W and 150W LED streetlight specifications, the OSRAM LED components are used, and the LED components are modularized with a special lens for secondary optical processing. Data such as luminous flux and luminous efficiency are initial values ​​measured by the Institute. In addition, the streetlights of Lianjia are characterized by simplifying the design of the components of the lamp cap, so the weight of the lamp cap is lighter than other manufacturers. As Lianjia expects to become an all-round LED application manufacturer for road traffic, it will continue to invest in LED streetlights this year.
Liquid-light solid state: The modular LED street light with ACLED bulbs is also used in the liquid-solid state. The ACLED bulbs with its liquid immersive cooling technology are used to create special LED streetlights with heights of 6 meters and 9 meters. The single ACLED bulbs are combined into LED street lights of various specifications.
At this stage, a single 4W ACLED bulb has 40, 60, 80 and other combinations to form a variety of street lighting products. It has good expandability, and it is very convenient to replace and repair. Just replace the problematic light bulb. The liquid-light solid-state plan will introduce a single 10W ACLED bulb this year, which will help reduce the weight of the fixture and provide more specifications.

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