The lighting market is facing the pain of brand loss

If you go to the lighting market to buy lights, which of the four projects of brand, style, price and service is the first choice? According to a survey, the preferred order of choice for people to choose lamps is style, price, service and brand. Brand, this connotation should contain important indicators of style, price and service, and it has fallen to the bottom in the lighting industry. The large industry with annual sales of more than 150 billion yuan is facing the pain of brand loss. On January 22nd, the results of the “2009 Most Favorite Lighting Brands for Consumers” were announced. The eight lighting stores in Beijing, such as Shilihe Lighting City, Bandung Huiyang and Wanjia Lights, jointly promoted the lighting brand for the first time in the lighting industry. Establish the influence of the brand.
Eight Great Lights City Jointly Chooses Brands
On January 22nd, in the multi-function hall of Yuquanying Building Materials Decoration City, the results of the “2009 Most Favorite Consumer Lighting Brands” sponsored by the Beijing Lighting Association Lighting and Lighting Market Professional Committee and the Beijing Building Materials Industry Association Market Distribution Professional Committee It was revealed that 15 lighting brands such as Op, Sunlight, and Oxon stood out and won this award.
This is the first time that an industry association has initiated a lighting brand that consumers directly vote for through newspapers and the Internet. The award-winning brands are promoted by Beijing Shilihe Lighting City, Bandung Huiyang Lighting City, Wanjia Light Decoration City, Bafanglong Lighting Wholesale Market, Meilian Tiandi Building Materials City, Yuquanying Building Decoration City, Xinglong Lighting City and Other eight major lighting stores in Beijing. Selected. As an important planner of this event, Tian Min, deputy general manager of Shilihe Lighting City, said: “The eight major city lights together, launching consumers to participate in the promotion of lighting brands can be said to be the first to help promote the construction of lighting brands and promote green energy conservation. Lighting, reasonable guidance for lighting consumption."

What is striking is that this selection was carried out for the first time in accordance with the categories of “energy-saving lamps”, “home lamps”, “flower chandeliers”, “commercial lighting” and “electricians”. According to the results of the selection, Op, Sunlight, and Oxon won the “2009 Most Favorite Energy-Saving Lamp Brand”, and Caesarline, Angel, and Louis won the “2009 Most Favorite Flower Chandelier Brand”, “2009 Most Consumable The favorite commercial lighting brands are NVC, Sanxiong Aurora, Jiamei, "2009's most popular electrician brand for consumers" are Bull, Panasonic, TCL-Rogrange, "2009's most popular home lighting brand" For Op, Panasonic and Langneng.
It is understood that the selection has attracted the attention of tens of thousands of consumers since the launch and participated in the voting. After more than 20 days of voting, in accordance with the principles of fairness, justice and openness, the above-mentioned award-winning lighting brands were finally selected. "Compared with similar products, the selected brand of lamps is indeed a large sales volume, a lot of profits, and a high reputation. It is well deserved." Chang Yi, secretary general of Beijing Lighting Association, commented.

Lamp brands have fallen into the development cycle. Lighting sales have not been a problem in the eyes of lighting companies. At present, the demand for the Chinese lighting market is quite large, the output value has exceeded 150 billion yuan, the market capacity has exceeded 40 billion yuan, and it is increasing at a rate of more than 10% per year. In direct proportion, the number of lighting companies and lighting distributors is also growing exponentially every year. In Beijing, Shilihe Lighting City alone has thousands of brands of lamps, and hundreds of merchants operate, with annual sales exceeding billions of yuan.
Surprisingly, compared with other areas such as furniture, flooring and wooden doors in the home industry, the huge market space of the lighting industry is difficult to form a huge brand effect. There are only a handful of famous brands, and the people do not even buy lamps. Recognize the brand. A survey on consumer buying habits shows that the order of reference indicators selected by consumers is style, quality, service, and brand. “No matter how we improve the store environment or improve the grade of the branded lamps, when consumers really choose lamps, they just use the brand as the last reference factor.” Tian Min, deputy general manager of Shilihe Lighting City, said that this is the lighting industry. The current status quo is due to the late start of the industry, brand building requires a long-term process, on the other hand, because the lighting production process is simple, the demand is large, manufacturers do not need to pay attention to build the brand, but also get good market performance.

If you go into any lighting city, you will find that the lighting brand is very complex. There are too many lighting companies that claim to be brands but not true brands. Instead, it creates a chaotic status of “no brand” in the industry. "Walk in the lighting market, a lot of brands like Red Rain, Baroque, Shengyuan, etc., but I have never heard of the names of these brands. I don't believe in the brand. I am not as good as myself. Where to see where, which is good to buy which.” In the lighting exhibition hall of Yuquanying Building Decoration City, a lady who is choosing a crystal lamp thinks that the current lighting industry is the most chaotic, and the “water” is the deepest.
“Even if the lighting companies are made up of big brands, they often lose a lot of customers because of the single product.” Tian Min said that there are many kinds of lamps, only there are more than ten kinds of lighting fixtures, unlike furniture and cabinets, there are only three or four. Therefore, most enterprises can only specialize in one type of products due to their limited capabilities, while the decoration of the room requires various types of lamps, such as chandeliers, table lamps, fluorescent lamps, lanterns, etc., which are often not covered by a manufacturer. More importantly, the consumer's use of the lamp is still considered to be mainly focused on the decoration, and "illumination" is only its original function. Therefore, the styling lamps are very popular, and the design of this styling may be a lot of manpower and material resources for the big brands, and the imitation is extremely easy, which causes large enterprises to be unwilling to invest heavily in this aspect. This creates a special strange circle: NVC's famous brands such as NVC, Panasonic, Langen, etc. are very good in quality, but they are often stupid and stupid in style, and it is difficult to attract the hearts of fashion consumers; Taobao even even The lamps sold by personal blogs that have no brands, no trademarks, or even certificates without a certificate are popular because of their unique shape, novel style and low price. On January 25th, the reporter logged into, a well-known shopping website in China. In the homepage search field, he entered “lighting” and searched for more than 210,000 related products, and showed that there were a lot of recent sales, and the degree of business boom was evident.

The brand still needs factory assistance. Although many lighting companies are aware of the importance of the brand to the development of the company, once they have touched the three requirements of “long brand building process”, “not negligent service” and “product innovation” I was discouraged and turned to thinking about how to make money quickly. To this end, many lighting companies focus on production, expanding sales channels through dealers and agents. If you have the strength, you will go to a TV station to advertise. If you don't have the strength, let it go, and take a step.

“Building a brand is not only effective for several channels and distributors, but also whether the manufacturer pays attention to it.” Chang Yi, secretary general of the Beijing Lighting Association, said that if the manufacturers are indifferent to the brand, the downstream dealers will certainly not Go to worry. Many dealers in the lighting industry lack loyalty to the manufacturers. If they sell well, they will continue to sell them. If they sell well, they will not sell them again. Tong Bu, the president of the home lighting company, known as "China's most competitive crystal lamp company", once said that "loyal dealers are just like their own children, and it is difficult to cultivate." The lighting in the south is famous in the South, because there is no suitable agent in Beijing, it is difficult to spread in the Beijing market so far, compared with its momentum in the South, it is inferior.
“Many companies are reluctant to cooperate with dealers to carry out various marketing activities in the local area, and support for the terminal is not strong.” Chang Yi revealed that the association generally adopts the principle of voluntary participation in activities such as lighting brand selection. If the headquarters does not support, distribution It is impossible for a business to participate fully in the activity. Chang Yi believes that some lighting brands are very supportive of the terminal and are willing to adopt various channels to promote the brand, but the propaganda method is not scientific and the effect is not necessarily good. NVC Lighting also spent 10 million yuan to sponsor the movie "Confucius" in CCTV's mammoth advertisement, which set off the "NVC whirlwind" in the industry. Another lighting company named "Sunshine" is very famous in the industry. Its energy-saving lamps are highly praised by the government and advertised in CCTV. However, the people know that it is not much because the steel is not used in the blade." I have to advertise at 90 o'clock when people go to work, what can be done?"
"There are thousands of brands in the lighting industry to compete together is the norm, but in the future there will be changes, some big brands will eat small brands." Tian Min believes that with the brand awareness of lighting companies gradually strengthened, the industry maturity is higher, Some small and medium-sized lighting companies will face mergers or reorganizations. After this elimination, they will survive the real lighting brand.

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