LED lights have long been adopted by many models

Lighting technology provides a greater level of safety for night driving. When the Dongfeng Citroen Triumph went public, the follow-up steering lighting became a technological highlight, and many medium and high-end models now use this technology. The intelligent lighting system with a variety of different lighting functions is a headlight control system that adjusts according to actual conditions. Through the hybrid Xenon headlights and the multi-angle adjustable headlight motor, the vehicle's intelligent headlight illumination can meet the driver's requirements for illumination angle and brightness in any environment, and greatly improve the safety of night driving.

A4L headlights

The most eye-catching "lights" in 2009 should undoubtedly be the new Audi A4L. LEDs that are brighter, more energy efficient, and faster in response have long been used by many models, but because of the higher price and for safety reasons, LED lights are mostly used on brake lights and taillights. The new Audi A4L uses a combination of LED + xenon lamps in the headlights, with avant-garde design, making the headlights more fashionable.

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