How Chinese LED companies choose their own industrial development model

In recent years, the most exciting thing in the Chinese LED industry has been this. The advantages of ultra-thin and power-saving make LED backlights also available in monitors and televisions. At present, under the impetus of the national semiconductor lighting project, the national semiconductor lighting engineering industrialization bases such as Shenzhen, Shanghai, Dalian, Nanchang and Xiamen have been formed. General lighting: road lighting, high-power LED street lights - is not very familiar. There are already many orders for 20,000 盏 semiconductor street lamps in China, and it is estimated that this year will reach 1 billion yuan in output value.

From the beginning, I saw only the LED decorative lights in the building beams and the LED street lights, which are increasingly widely used in road lighting. From the rough outdoor advertising display screen to the increasingly large LED large screen, the technology of LED development and application in China has been obtained. The improvement has been rapid.

LED has already matured in many fields such as mobile phones, displays, automobiles, traffic signals, landscape decoration, special work lighting, etc. Chinese LED companies have also taken shots in an effort to take a slice of this promising feast. Although there are many choices and opportunities, but which areas are more suitable for you? Many Chinese LED companies, which field of LED do you choose as your future path?

China LED company, which field are you shining in 10 years?

The application of LED in the fields of display screens, road traffic lights, mobile phones, landscape lighting, portable lighting, etc. has matured.

LED light sources have been gradually used in signal lights, interior lighting, and automobile headlights. However, the high-tech content and high threshold of automotive lighting have made the development and profit of Chinese LED companies in this field only in the stage of deterrence.

As the most basic application field of LED, landscape lighting is like the inherent power of LED. It is just a colorful color and a long life, which can make it a very attractive charm. When more large and medium-sized cities use LED-illuminated night dances, when more of the riverside waters are spotlighted into soft, light, the LED's place of survival is always beautiful and eye-catching. There will always be buildings that need to be illuminated, and there will always be old lighting methods to be eliminated - but just like a scented cake everyone wants, this is a market that is too sharp and easy to grab, is a lot of LED companies Eyes and competition: Too similar and similar, lacking character and competitiveness. Sometimes when you break through a little residue from the scalp, it may be more feasible to make a decision to open another path.

Ordinary lighting: road lighting, high-power LED street lights - is it familiar? The most loud in the entire Chinese LED industry in 2008 is this. There are about 200 million street lamps in China. This broad market deserves special attention. In addition to the export of some enterprises, the market prospects are more promising. In 2010, the large-scale application market will start. At present, the LED street lamp application market has been launched. At present, many cities and even small towns have demonstration projects for semiconductor street lamps, ranging from tens of thousands to thousands of miles. There are already many orders for 20,000 盏 semiconductor street lamps in China, and it is estimated that this year will reach 1 billion yuan in output value. It can be said that this is a dark horse appearing in general lighting. With the further improvement of efficiency and the continuous improvement of technology, there will be rapid development. Of course, it is inevitable that there will be some competition in the future - but there is more space, only to see if you are moving fast enough, can you seize the opportunity.

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