Subsidize energy-saving lamps, merchants, low profit promotion mode or will adjust

The promotion of efficient lighting products in the province of Jiangsu is now over. On the 24th, the author learned from the Development Planning and Industrial Policy Section of the Nanchong City Development and Reform Commission that as of the end of 2009, the city had sold a variety of high-efficiency lighting products that were subsidized by the government, that is, the government subsidized 30,000 energy-saving lamps.

The seller has no profit and is not willing to sell

There is no sales point for individual manufacturers in Guocheng. “For Nanchong, which has a population of about 800,000 in the main city, the sales of 30,000 of the six manufacturers are not counted.” A regional head of the manufacturer who participated in the government subsidy for the promotion of energy-saving lamps. Say so. The other district managers also said that the sales of subsidized energy-saving lamps in Nanchong were not large, and some even admitted that there was no special sales point in Nanchong City.
However, since the launch of high-efficiency lighting products in June last year, the Nanchong City Development and Reform Commission and the Finance Bureau have formulated detailed subsidy standards, and the public has also shown great enthusiasm for purchase. "After the promotion work, the public asked the sales point through various means, it should be said that the market is still very large." The person in charge of this activity of the Development and Planning Industry Policy Division of the Municipal Development and Reform Commission is also surprised by the hot market and the cold sales.
The seller has no profit and is not willing to sell why this is the case. The author found that the problem lies in the sales process. “Government subsidies are for producers. Manufacturers receive subsidized prices, but require sales points to sell at the same price. These products are completely profit-free, but they will also occupy the market share of ordinary energy-saving lamps. We do not I am willing to enter too many goods." The boss of Guangcai Market, which sells "subsidized energy-saving lamps", said this. A few sales point owners in the urban area also expressed their corresponding attitudes.
However, the boss also admitted that “subsidized energy-saving lamps” are indeed popular. “We have entered more than 4,000 and soon sold out.”
This year's promotion model will be adjusted. "The experience gained last year will help us adjust the new promotion work in 2010." The above-mentioned person from the Municipal Development and Reform Commission said how to mobilize the enthusiasm of the production and sales links and increase the promotion and promotion of the public. It will be one of the key points for the promotion of energy efficient products in 2010. He said that this work will not only save energy and reduce emissions, but also enable the public to enjoy more healthy lighting, so it will continue to be carried out this year.
It is understood that the future promotion of high-efficiency and energy-saving products in the city will be implemented after the introduction of the relevant documents of the Provincial Development and Reform Commission and the Finance Department.

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