Luzhou adopts LED energy-saving and environmental protection street lamp for the first time

The street lighting project of Wenwuba Road, Xihuashan Road and Xunwu Road in Zhangjiang New District, Cangzhou City, Jiangxi Province has been completed. A total of 110 poles (盏) were installed on the three roads, 7189 meters of cable lines were excavated and laid, and 1884 meters of protective conductors were installed. among them. Xihuashan Road and Xunwu Road installed 78 LED energy-saving environmental protection street lamps.

It is reported that Jiangxi Cangzhou Municipal Engineering Management and Maintenance Office is actively responding to the national energy conservation and emission reduction policy call, and installs LED street lamps in Xihuashan Road and Xunwu Road in Zhangjiang New District of the city. This is the first time that the city has installed LED energy-saving and environmentally-friendly street lamps on functional lighting in addition to landscape lighting.

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