Change energy-saving light bulbs can save nearly 100 yuan a year

Since the summer, household electricity and water consumption have been rising. Zhang Ting, who lives in the Batu Garden, has been trying to save water and electricity, but found it a little powerless. In fact, many families share the same feeling—that is, the bane of high energy consumption has been buried during the renovation.
Spending a small amount of money and saving money At present, most families put aesthetics and practicality in the first place when negotiating houses, ignoring energy conservation. In fact, as long as you pay attention to the decoration, it will bring you unexpected energy-saving effects.
Many people think that they don't consume electricity when they don't watch TV, don't turn on air conditioners, or turn on computers. The fact is, without unplugging, the meter still goes word--this is the standby energy consumption. According to estimates, the average standby energy consumption of urban households in China is equivalent to the use of a 15-30 watt long lamp per household. However, if the appliance such as a refrigerator and Other general electrical appliances that need continuous power supply are separated on the bus path during the decoration, then the electric brake that does not need continuous power supply when the door is removed will reduce unnecessary standby energy consumption.
Last year, Zhang Ting did not pay attention to energy-saving products when he bought a house in order to save money. "I don't have a high income. I have to pay more for energy-saving products. I have to give up." Others helped him calculate an account: a 40-watt lamp costs only 1.5 yuan, and the same 8-watt energy-saving light bulb needs 10 Yuan or so. Calculated by turning on the lights for 3 hours a day, one year, energy-saving lamps can save nearly 100 yuan in electricity bills, which is enough to buy 10 energy-saving lamps. "I knew this, I might consider using energy-saving lamps at the beginning." Zhang Ting said that she regretted it at the beginning.
It should not be counted as a phenomenon in the current account: many families tend to be in front of immediate interests and long-term interests, and tend to fall into the misunderstanding of decoration and energy conservation—energy saving is equal to price.
Recently, the reporter found in many home improvement building materials market in Chengdu that the sales of flooring and glass, there is not much energy-saving, even if it is marked by energy-saving goods consumers are also less interested. According to the person in charge of the building materials market, the price of energy-saving products is much higher than that of ordinary products. For example, insulating glass and loe-e glass, which can reduce the air-conditioning power consumption of houses by about 50%, are four or five times higher than ordinary glass. Such a price, consumers do not buy, over time, the home improvement building materials market naturally no one provided.
In fact, if you look far, the one-off big investment is a long-term economic benefit. It is understood that replacing ordinary lamps with energy-saving lamps can save 70%-80%; water-saving caps can save 30% of water-saving caps... Obviously, in a few years, not only can the cost of energy-saving design be restored when renovating, but then It can also save a lot of living expenses.
"Renovation and energy conservation should not only be accounted for in front of the account, energy conservation should be integrated into the decoration design." An industry source said.


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