Lanzhou introduced the Yellow River customs line night landscape lighting plan

On the afternoon of July 20, under the auspices of the assistant to the governor and Zhang Jinliang, the mayor of Lanzhou, the 16th executive meeting of the Lanzhou Municipal Government was held. According to the "Planning", the Lanzhou City will implement night landscape lights from the Yantan Yellow River Bridge to the Yintan Yellow River Bridge along the north and south sides of the wind line and the north and south mountains. Construction. By then, the banks of the Yellow River will shine under the illumination of different styles, and the scene of the Lanzhou Bund will no longer be a dream.

68.75 million to create a 15 km night view line

The total investment of the project is estimated to be 68.75 million yuan. According to the "Planning", the lighting design of the night scenery of the Yellow River customs line consists of three parts: point, line and surface. The point includes 14 scenic spots and 8 bridges; the line is the green belt, river bank and tidal flat along the Yellow River customs line. The total length of the line is 15 kilometers; the surface refers to the buildings along the two sides of the wind line and the mountain parts of the two mountains.

Attractions, high-rises, landscape lights

The reporter learned that the plan includes famous attractions on the customs line, such as Zhongshan Bridge, Neutral Bridge, Music Fountain, Longyuan and Jinchengguan. These lights are no longer a single daytime view after lighting, and the night will also shine. The two mountains in the north and the south are the unique natural landscapes of Lanzhou City. The lighting design plan is based on the two mountains of the north and the south. Based on the lanterns, LED lights and dynamic decorative lights, the night scenes of the two mountains are connected together. During the day, the public can see the green and lush mountains. At night, the bright and continuous nights of the two mountains will add a modern and beautiful scenery to Lanzhou. It is reported that the planning of the high-rise building's floor lighting design is also included in the overall planning scope, the Olympic Fuwa, the promotion of Lanzhou's slogan will jump above the high-rise buildings, it is full of movement.


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