The first Shanghai LED lighting and landscape selection began

In recent years, the third generation of new light source - LED light source began to emerge in urban landscape lighting, many modern and modern style buildings on both sides of the Huangpu River in Shencheng, most of which use LED light source. Where is the LED landscape lighting the most beautiful and favorite in the hearts of the people? From now on, the Municipal Science and Technology Commission and the Municipal Appearance and Environmental Sanitation Bureau will jointly hold the “First Shanghai LED Lighting Technology and Landscape Engineering Selection Competition”, inviting citizens to participate in the evaluation of the most beautiful landscape lighting through online voting.

The scope of the selection is the city's buildings, parks, elevated buildings, ancient buildings, vast green spaces, outdoor displays and other attractions that use LED technology as the main application target, and must be completed and invested before May 30 this year. Landscape lighting project used.

The participating units are mainly domestic and foreign design and construction units engaged in LED lighting work, LED manufacturing and engineering technology companies, and the registration deadline is July 10.

The judges will use the judges' scoring, citizen online voting, and on-site voting. The organizers will score according to the judges and refer to the online voting opinions and the results of the on-site voting, and finally select 10 “excellent LED lighting technologies and landscape projects”.

The selection process of the "First Shanghai LED Lighting Technology and Landscape Engineering Selection Competition" will begin on July 10 and end on August 31. According to the various types of lighting landscape pictures provided online, the top 20 citizens who received the most votes will be rewarded.

Brilliant lighting: the store is racing in Yongzhou
Otlan Lighting: the third round of the whole process
OSRAM: Home LED lighting is still in its infancy
Op Lighting: The light of glamour shines in Daya Bay, Huizhou
Yingsheng professional lighting: the sound of thunder drums in the store
Jindalai Lighting: Re-branding to make money after the store
Phoenix Lighting: Breaking the Monopoly "Call" General
Haohao Lighting: Dedicated to creating the first year of art lighting
Desley Lighting: Rely on talent to ensure victory
Huaqiang Lighting: Grab the pace of advancement in the rural market
Angel lighting: stride to the East China market




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