Debate "LED investment fever"

Experts advise the government to "do not catch everything" when planning the LED industry.

The LED industry has been unusually hot recently. On the one hand, the country has issued a roadmap for the elimination of incandescent lamps, and a subsidy of 8 billion yuan for LED lighting terminals is about to announce specific policies. This is undoubtedly of great benefit to Foshan's development of the LED industry; at the same time, current Foshan The development of the LED industry is facing difficulties. In the past few days, the South China Sea has also reported the collapse of LED small businesses.

In the work report of the Nanhai District Government yesterday, the acting governor Zheng Canru proposed to do a great job in developing new industries. The new LED light source was highlighted, and when expressing the industrial capacity, the new light source industrial base in Luocun was also raised. and. In the government work report of Chancheng, the acting head of the department, Liu Donghao, also incorporated LEDs into the advanced manufacturing industry, planning to gather and develop.

1. Don't blindly vote for money

Not just LED, the development of any emerging industry faces the problem of coexistence of opportunities and risks. In fact, at present, the development of Foshan LED industry in China is still in the initial stage of development. Many core technologies are still monopolized by the leading companies in foreign countries. Foshan has to work hard to develop LED technology research and development. ———Nanhai District People’s Congress Representative, Zhang Baicheng, Chairman of Guangdong Zhujiang Switchgear Co., Ltd.

At present, orders for some small businesses have indeed decreased. This is due to the sluggish economy. Market demand did not grow as fast as expected, investment overheated, and there was structural overcapacity. The LED industry itself belongs to the sunrise industry. I expect the entire market to remain flat at the end of the year but it will generally rise. Companies that do not have market competitiveness will be phased out. Companies don't have to invest money blindly, and they must understand the industry clearly. ———Nanhai District National People's Congress, Chairman of National Star Photoelectric Wang Hao

2. R&D investment hopes government subsidies

Since it is necessary to build a new LED light source to become the pillar industry in the future of the South China Sea area, we must find a way to master the core technology. Increase investment in upstream chip, midstream packaging and other areas of innovation and R&D projects. These can be achieved through tax deductions and product subsidies. ———Zhang Baicheng

“At present, the South China Sea is not a big LED company. The development of the entire industry is fragmented. Therefore, it should provide an external display platform. For example, in the Qiandeng Lake Financial High-tech Zone, a headquarters building of an LED company will be built, allowing LED companies to set up showrooms here. Enhance the overall image of the LED industry.” ——— Nanhai CPPCC member, Mona Lisa Executive Director Zhang Qikang

Off-field sound

The current LED lighting market is not so much a result of excess capacity as the market is not open. The impulse of the government's performance has helped boost the LED investment to some extent. Local governments always want to do a big job in the entire industry chain. Do you think about the concept of a global village now? Will the companies around the local production of epitaxial wafers buy you? Therefore, whether it is the South China Sea or Chancheng, the government must combine local realities when attracting investment and planning the LED industry. ——— Wen Shangsheng, Professor of South China University of Technology

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