Guangyuan Technology has introduced a new LED smart module that can be used for desk lamps/table lamps/...

Guangyuan Technology has launched the LCT-TLLG07 LED Smart Module for the new table lamp/table lamp/reading lamp. The LCT-TLLG07 Smart Module is an Alva-AH350 constant current driver that combines the LC LED module's high efficiency light guide and the optical technology. The module uses a LED as a illuminant to generate a full-surface light source through a high-efficiency light guide plate. Compared with a line source of a fluorescent tube, a tungsten light source and a spherical light source of a halogen lamp, the desktop is more uniform and illuminated. Not easy to have glare. On the other hand, Alva-AH350 is used as the constant current driver of the LED, so all the LEDs in the LCT-TLLG07 will have uniform brightness and are not easy to flicker. The LCT-TLLG07 smart module will make your desk lamp/table lamp/reading light not like fluorescent tube with UV light (UV, skin damage) or tungsten light and halogen light with infrared light (light itself will be hot ). The LED itself emits visible light without infrared light or ultraviolet light. Although the LED light body will be hot, the light wave emitted by it will not be hot. In addition, LED is used as a light source to ensure safe and pollution-free environmental protection. The LCT-TLLG07 smart module will save your desk lamp/table lamp/reading lamp with energy saving. Replace the traditional fluorescent tube or tungsten lamp and halogen lamp with 6W~9W module (1,300lux1,800lux). Save 316 times the power of your lamp. For example, the traditional lamp is usually 13W27W or even 60W100W. And LED life is generally up to 20,00050,000 hours; the average traditional lamp is only 1,0006,000 hours (2050 times the life gap). The LCT-TLLG07 Smart Module can help you design and produce energy-saving lamps/table lamps/reading lamps with LEDs as a light source in a short period of time. In addition, if your lighting needs a special light board size or a special constant current driver, Guangyuan's powerful design team can provide customized services.


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.1/4'' -20 camera threads into bottom of camera

.Adjustable head allows mounting flexibility.

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