Wide range of LED applications, development space

Recently, more and more topics are focused on the lighting industry. After five years, the topic of LED lamps replacing incandescent lamps has been a central topic in people's lives. LED lights have many advantages such as long life, low energy consumption, small size, fast response, low temperature, and low pollution, and their use is also very broad.

The development speed of LED lights is extremely alarming. Since its birth in the 1960s, the technical progress has always surpassed market expectations. LED is undoubtedly a booming industry with extremely strong development power. The rapid growth of new companies, but the LED lamp market is saturated.

China's LED industry started in the 1980s and has gone through three stages: imported chip packaging, imported wafer packaging, and self-made materials and devices. After entering the 21st century, environmental protection and energy conservation have become hot spots in the market, and the LED industry continues to heat up.

In addition to becoming a topic for the public, LED lights are also used in millions of households. In addition to long life and low energy consumption, there are many advantages:

1. It is no longer limited to the monotony of hue, colorful lights appear in their own places;

2, the application is very flexible, according to the size of the volume, used in home, office space and entertainment;

3, keep up with the trend of the times, green. Less sleazy, low radiation;

4. Humanized design. It can be controlled according to the size of the sound and controlled by changes in the weather.

Wide range of LED applications

LEDs can be used not only for large advertising displays, but also for architectural and traffic lighting. As a night view lighting of a city's key building, LED can show its skill in contouring, can simulate any color, and the loss and maintenance costs of luminous flux are greatly reduced. Due to its small size, LEDs are suitable for making line lamps, LED lamps, indicating directions, trails and lanes, safe and reliable, and durable. In the past, in the night sky of the city, the most enchanting may have neon lights. However, because the neon lights are most easily damaged, we often see that the screens and words displayed by neon lights are always missing arms and legs. However, the use of LED instead of neon signs as a display, no longer appear incomplete regret, and can achieve the realm of desire.

The response speed of individual elements of organic LED display screens is 1000 times that of LCD LCD screens. It can also be viewed under strong light, and it can adapt to low temperatures of minus 40 degrees. It is reported that a foreign company is developing a thief-type viewfinder and puts a fingernail-sized high-resolution organic LED display into it. Wearing such a translucent helmet display, the pilot can easily view various flight data without any effort. The eyes of surgeons who are undergoing surgery can see complex diagnostic images without leaving the operating table. When the flight mechanic is overhauling the aircraft, he can see the maintenance manuals of the corresponding parts. Even more exciting is that wearing glasses made of organic LED display, you can also open a happy movie, the viewing angle can reach 160 degrees.

TPU material,similar material as PU strips,ensure the adhesive property between end caps and IP68 waterproof led srtips.Plastic end caps are anti-uv,and are not easy to be broken,at least can be used for 5 years . With transparent and frosted suface,it won't be obvious shadow to tell apart.We can't make sure the normal length of led strips is proper in anywhere,the end caps are designed to solve these problem.After cutting needless strips,use end caps to plug ,and seal with glue.There are two end caps attched to each led srtip.The caps are only included with strip light to sell,not sold separately as well.

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