E-commerce second price war

Since the e-commerce vendors launched a frenzy of price wars in the previous period, it seems that the e-commerce providers in the dark are still on the verge of getting ready. In 2012, the London Olympic Games that people all over the world are about to open are about to open. At this time, for many e-commerce companies, business opportunities can be described as unlimited. How to seize this opportunity of the Olympic Games to carry out book profits has become a day and night issue for them.

This does not, some e-commerce has begun a new round of price strategy ahead of schedule! According to news reports, GOME Online Mall has set off the most shocking price war in the history of e-commerce with 7.18, throwing hundreds of thousands of products at a low price that has never been seen in the industry, and the true nature of butchers is undoubtedly revealed. iPhone4S mobile phone 3999 yuan, 1000 full supply, Apple iPad 1999 yuan, 1,000 units full supply, 32-inch LED LCD 999 yuan, Hisense refrigerator door 2,999 yuan, smart air conditioning 888 yuan, 9 Yang Soymilk 199 yuan. It is understood that during the period of 7.18-28 days, all the sales of ultra-large-scale special sources of over a thousand units and over 10,000 units were carried out.

Gome's such a large-scale low-visibility price strategy has completely subverted the previous price war concept set off by Jingdong 6.18. "The price war is going to be true, don't play gimmicks, put a few dozen units up, this is called a price war? Consumers can't buy anything. Then there's a virtual price, the price is adjusted to the lowest, but there is no goods. This is a major drawback of the e-commerce industry and it does not make any sense," said Han Depeng, general manager of Gome Online Mall. "There is no real industry leader in the e-commerce B2C industry. No one has set standards for the e-commerce industry. The rules, I hope Gome can stand up and set this standard for the industry."

In the words of Han Depeng, the general manager of Gome.com, he stated the hidden game rules of the e-commerce industry. The so-called price cuts did not really benefit the end-users. Instead, they falsely cheat consumers through false marketing methods to maintain their market. The purpose of the dominant position. The image point is that falsehood is involved in the war, through the pre-planned surface of the shameless false temptation information, triggering user participation, and finally a policy change or data error and other reasons, do not give consumers shipments, in order to achieve the cited Traffic and defense against the purpose of competitors. I also engaged in low prices when you engage in low prices. Although the marketing strategy is good, the end-users are actually hurt. We can see from the customer complaints of the official Weibo account of Suning.com.

Gome has already ignited the fire of Olympic marketing. Other electricity suppliers are certainly not willing. Jingdong Mall’s Liu Qiangdong’s brother said on July 16th “We had a meeting with the national managers at the morning meeting today: The third and fourth quarters of this year will set off the largest, most tragic, and most comprehensive price war in the history of China’s e-commerce. And Jingdong should continue to lead this price war! From today onwards, who is not the lowest price, who walks away! At the same time, the user experience goes a step further! (Specific measures will be launched at the end of this month)."

Tmall also adopted Weibo’s position on July 18: “In the second half of the year, Tmall invested a total of 1 billion yuan and continued to build an online shopping spree from the end of July to the Spring Festival. True money and silver will give back to consumers and provide subsidies for merchants and will always go through them. At the same time, Tmall still subsidizes businesses with its own pockets, avoiding merchants to pay for e-commerce price wars. Let the carnival last until the end of the year, so that benefits become the norm."

Suning's executive vice president Li Bin responded the first time and said on his Weibo on July 16th, “I’ve always said that the price war will be Suning’s long-term strategy for this year and even next year. We must also fight fierce price wars, claiming that the price is not the lowest one to leave, and hope that it will be true! Suning Tesco will help to achieve the target of downsizing and efficiency improvement! 7.18 is to buy 200 back 100 universal coupons, 8.18 is Suningyi The third anniversary of the anniversary of the purchase! We are not alone!"

Seeing the rhetoric of the above three appliance manufacturers, I was moved as a consumer. Suddenly remembered Wu Kequn's stutter song "Big Tongue". The author adapted it. Can you sing it like this? "Talk about the price cuts, I can't talk to me, I can't say it, I can't say it, I say I'm sorry." Drop; talk about that you love me, I, I, I can not speak, mouths and mouths, saying that I cut the price, I flashed the tongue. Every person in charge of e-commerce says that I want to cut prices. I want to give way to consumers. As a result, everyone can see the clues in the first round of price wars. Business has business rules, but consumers are now smarter. There is no such thing as one, do you think that consumers are as lucky as the wolf came to the hero of the story?

On the eve of the Olympic Games, Gome shouted that it must really benefit the people. This slogan seems to be more deeply rooted and more detailed than the Jingdong shout of 6.18. According to Han Depeng, manager of Gome Online Mall, it is necessary to become the industry leader in the B2C field. To contribute to industry standards, it is necessary to become a shuffler in this industry. Such Dong Cunrui's act of refusing to be suspicious of one's body can not help but feel relieved, at least when it comes to the heart of the consumer, and it comes down to the knot of the e-commerce industry. However, with Olympic marketing, it is not so smooth whether it can achieve real profit recovery. In addition to price, there are also factors such as logistics, after-sales service, and online shopping policy. Therefore, the slogan is loud and loud, and the action is loudest and most traditional. the most effective way.

Jingdong Mall can be said to be the initiator of the first round of price wars, and its actual merchandise price feedback from the customer's mouth is actually even more than the price of the same e-commerce platform. Jingdong Mall actually shouted on the eve of the second round of price wars, “From today, who’s price is not the lowest, who will leave!” is still a preparation for the rally, we can only wait for Jingdong Mall at the end of this month. Promulgated! All along, I think that the user experience aspect of Jingdong Mall is a very good one among all e-commerce industries. Therefore, Liu Qiangdong also said at the end the “user experience is on a new level!” If the author chooses to purchase something on the e-commerce platform during the Olympic Games, the author will definitely give priority to Jingdong Mall, even if the price is a few dollars more than his peers.

Suning's e-commerce platform has always been the author's most profoundly researched e-commerce platform. From the beginning of participating in the first round of price wars, there are three prices of the same product to writing articles for Suning Tesco users rights protection, the authors have conducted follow-up comments . It is not that the author has a hatred for it but that what he does really prevents the author from seeing it. Everyone can look through the search for “Suning Tesco” on Sina Weibo. Almost all of the complainants are present! I wondered, Suning Tesco so rich, advertising so much, how even the most basic after-sales service must allow consumers to follow crunching behind the butt? Recently, the website has been redesigned. I do not know whether it is imitating or looking for someone to design it. The color matching is too ugly, and I have no interest in buying as a consumer. Friendship prompt: Do not continue to advertise under the blood, or first complete their own basic hardware and software. If during the Olympics, Suning Tesco does a price war strategy, I think after-sales service is its biggest test!

Tmall Mall is a B2C e-commerce platform focused on building in Ma Yun. I think the role played by the followers in the first round of price wars. In the second round of price wars, we directly stated that “Tmall spent a total of 1 billion yuan in the second half of the year and continued to build an online shopping spree from the end of July to the Spring Festival.” Perhaps the first round of price wars summed up some experience, perhaps In order to vigorously develop the Tmall Mall to prepare for its listing, in any case, Ma Yun’s empire has suffered a far worse flow of traffic after the Shop 2 scandal. Although it puts forward a policy of heavily subsidizing merchants, I believe that the factors such as the inability of the company to coordinate and the diversification of after-sales services have been plaguing Tmall's management. This is also the drawback of its platform. It's like a big shopping mall, which brings together a large number of businesses. Consumers come in to exchange goods with merchants, and Tmall's management regulates the market order. So if you do a price marketing strategy during the Olympics, its platform system is the biggest test!

In summary, regardless of how the e-commerce companies used the Olympic marketing to achieve the results of the second price war, if the consumer lived right, then the future may be a good way to go; if it is really like the first price war That way, fooling consumers, then waiting for its result is the final outcome of the wolf's story!

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